Forewords - The Books Before the Buzz

With our column, Forewords, we let readers know the latest book news about some of the web team's most-anticipated upcoming releases across the genres — just as the projects are announced!


Historical Fiction - Kellie Estes’s The Embroidered Sleeve is sure to enchant those who love a sweeping tale of times gone by. In this debut novel, a mysterious Chinese silk sleeve holds clues to the fate of Mei Lien, a Chinese American woman who married a white man and became an outsider. Meanwhile, in present day, a young woman discovers a dangerous connection to Mei Lien that could destroy her own family and love.


Historical Romance - RITA-Award nominee and superstar Zoe Archer is donning a new name, Eva Leigh, for a new series: Wicked Quills of London. In the first book, To Ride With a Rake, a gossip publisher finds herself dangerously attracted to one of her most notorious subjects as she follows him on his nightly escapades. Look for this exciting start in Fall 2015!

Fantasy - Fan favorite Laura Anne Gilman is kicking off her new Devil's West series with Silver on the Road, in which a teen protagonist is forced to travel to a far off territory in what use to be the U.S., an area that is akin to the Wild West — new settlers and natives are at odds and a truce seems unlikely. Expect book one come Fall 2015.


Paranormal Romance - Sandra Hill fans will be pleased to hear she’ll be adding three more books to her Deadly Angels series. We can't wait!

Erotic Romance - In David’s Selfie, the third in Daisy Harris’s Fire and Rain series, a one-night stand becomes something more when a Seattleite succumbs to his attraction to a man caring for his terminally ill mother, who is also über religious. Look for this sexy romp later this year!

Erotic Romance - Bestselling author Lorelei James has plenty to celebrate when her 16th -  yes! 16th! - installment in her Rough Riders series pubs this summer. Readers not yet familiar with this erotic western series may want to start catching up before they get too far behind! Get reading!


Historical Romance - Victorian era lovers are sure to devour Megan Frampton’s The Duke’s Guide to Correct Behavior, in which a troublesome duke is taught a lesson or two about love by his daughter’s governess. And soon enough, the pair wind up in a few naughty situations.

Romantic Suspense - Readers in search of a sexy thrill ride can look forward to Jane Shoup’s Flesh of a Phantom, which tells the tale of a woman who has changed her identity to escape from her abusive husband. When she meets a sexy loner, she discovers her happy ending may not be too far off.

Series Romance - Lisa Marie Perry is set to add three more books to her Blue Dynasty series from Kimani Romance, giving readers even more exciting stories to devour. Titles and release dates: TBA.

Historical Romance - In The Beautiful One, a young woman must go into hiding after a book of nude drawings — with her as the model — falls into the wrong hands. Meanwhile, in The Scandalous One, a woman fond of scandals and scandalous behavior stirs up trouble for a viscount and his brother. Be sure to read these exciting books from Emily Greenwood when they hit shelves soon!


Erotic Romance - In Jennifer Kacey’s Laila’s Lies, a woman’s plan to expose a rumored BDSM club crumbles when she submits to three men, causing her to rethink everything. Keep your eyes peeled for this one! It’s sure to be hot!

These are this week's deals that we can’t wait to hear more about in the coming months. Check back every Monday for more Forewords and you can always visit our Upcoming Releases Page!