Forewords - The Books Before The Buzz

With our column, Forewords, we let readers know the latest book news about some of the web team's most-anticipated upcoming releases across the genres — just as the projects are announced!


Historical Romance – Debut author Victoria Roberts kicks off her new series about Scottish rogues, Bad Boys of the Highlands, with a hero who is plagued by demanding relatives, a king’s decree and a defiant heroine. Although no publication date has been announced yet, we do know that this is the first of three in Robert’s new series. 

Young Adult – In The Incarcerado Trilogy series starter, two teens at the Pulaski Country Juvenile Detention Center for Boys learn that they have superpowers. But that’s not the only revelation; it quickly becomes clear that the head of the Extranatural Agency has a devious agenda for these two boys in The Twelve Fingered Boy by John Hornor Jacobs. Publication date TBA.

Science Fiction – Years after all of the adults have been abducted by aliens, two teens meet a girl whose supernatural powers may be able to stop the alien agenda in Conquered Earth by J. Barton Mitchell. The first in this trilogy is slated for publication in Fall 2012. 


Urban Fantasy – The Disillusionist Trilogy by Carolyn Crane follows a psychological hit squad out to reform criminals. Think Heroes meets Inception for this new series that already has us intrigued about how they will bring this motley crew to life on the small screen.


Mainstream Fiction – In Unsaid by Neil Abramson, a recently widowed lawyer is fighting to keep one of his wife’s favorite animals safe from those who would try to use it for medical experiments. Although there's no word yet on when this tale will be in theaters, we are already stocking up on tissues!


Biography – Meryl Gordon, the biographer behind the popular Mrs. Astor Regrets, will publish The Phantom of Fifth Avenue about an eccentric New York City heiress who spent the last few years of her long life living in public hospitals by choice, rather than stay in her sprawling Central Park-adjacent home.


Young Adult – Author and TV writer Caprice Crane pens her first YA book How to be a Hater. In the novel teen re-invents herself at her new school according to her older sister’s rules for being cool. The publication date has not yet been set but we can’t wait to find out what these rules are — and if the heroine’s transformation is successful.

Paranormal – When prejudice tears apart a vampire/werewolf couple, the vampire thinks the relationship is over for good. But when this fanged heroine’s best friend disappears, she follows the clues back to the pack and the shifter she thought she’d left behind forever in Katie ReusDestined Mate.

Series Romance – What do you do when your son goes missing and you are accused of killing your husband? Take your cue for the Harlequin Intrigue heroine of The Stolen Lullaby by Robin Perini and join forces with a SWAT cop and get to the bottom of the mystery.

Mystery – In My Brother’s Keeper by Keith Gilman a battle-scarred cop must discover the identity of the killer who is leaving bodies across the City of Brotherly Love. This grisly new tale will is scheduled to be published Spring 2012. 

Women’s Fiction Wuthering Heights fans, be sure to check out Homecoming by Sabin Willett which tells the story of a dark love that inspires a young man to obtain the impressive home of a woman who used to live there. 

Mystery – In Some Beasts by author Theresa Schwegel, a young boy flees home with his father’s K9 police dog after seeing a crime. While his parents frantically search the City of Chicago, the observed criminals are also on the hunt for the missing boy. This tale from the Edgar Award winning author is scheduled to arrive in stores during 2012. 

Romantic Suspense – A woman hiding from her violent politician husband starts to develop romantic feelings for the ex-homicide detective she now works for. However, when a serial killer begins killing nearby, the heroine of Melinda Leigh’s She Can Run must make some difficult decisions. 

Contemporary Romance – Readers who enjoy Sarah Addison Allen’s style should mark their calendars for Return to Me by Sharla Lovelace. The story about a romance that blooms with a hint of paranormal activity is set small town Texas and will be on the shelves in April 2012.

Historical Romance – Author Christy English kicks off her new Shakespeare in Love series with The Taming. For this novel English re-works The Taming of the Shrew and setting the story in the Regency era. The Taming is the first of three books in the series and is set to be published in July 2012. 

Fantasy – Tanya Huff continues her fantasy series that began with 2009’s The Enchantment Emporium with two new novels. In November 2011 the series second The Wild Ways comes to stores and after that Enchantment Cubed adds time travel to the saga in the fall of 2013.


Fan-favorite author Lavinia Kent will be publishing one new novella per month beginning with this month for her new series The Real Duchesses of London. The tales are centered on four English ladies who use their wiles to get their way. 

Ava March is set to publish her Brook Street Trilogy, which follows three Regency era men who fall for unlikely women in books titled Thief, Fortune Hunter and Rogues. No word yet on the publication date, but we are interested to see how these mismatched pairings come about! 

All the Pleasures of the Season by Lecia Cornwall finds a just-married couple struggling to make their new relationship strong as they face interfering relatives and a looming scandal just before Christmas. This tale is slated to be published in Fall 2011. 

Anna Randol will thrill readers looking for a dash of mystery in their historical romance, her new hero is a magistrate searching for answers about a viscount’s murder. The prime suspect is the viscount’s widow, but the magistrate can’t seem to stay away from her despite evidence of her lies. Although the publication date is TBA, the Naked Solution has us ready to don our deer hunter hats and discover out the truth for ourselves!

These are this week's deals that we can’t wait to hear more about in the coming months. Check back every Monday for more Forewords!