Forewords - The Books Before The Buzz

With our column, Forewords, we let readers know the latest book news about some of the web team's most-anticipated upcoming releases across the genres — just as the projects are announced!


Suspense - The incredibly talented Faye Kellerman has just announced her next novel will be published in 2012. While there is no word yet on the currently untitled work, with her newest release readers are sure to get a realistic crime drama that goes beyond just procedure and into the relationships that led to the crime. 

Mainstream Fiction - With more than a dozen bestselling titles to her credit, there is no end in sight for the wonderfully touching novels from Barbara Delinsky. The author just announced that she will be releasing two new novels with her new publisher St. Martin’s Press.


Thriller - Following up his hit novel One Rough Man, NYT bestselling author Brad Taylor will continue to draw from his personal experiences in the military for his next two novels in his Pike Logan series. Release dates TBA. 

Mystery - Ken Casper fans will be thrilled to learn that the author’s popular Jason Crow mystery series, which began with As The Crow Dies, will continue with at least two more stories that follow this mystery solving Vietnam vet who is also a double amputee. The books are scheduled to hit shelves next year.


Thriller - As one of four friends spirals out of control on a crime spree in Michael Kardos’ debut novel The Three-Day Affair, the other three band together in an attempt to fix the situation. But can they undo the damage their friend has done? Find out in Summer 2012 when the book will be on shelves. 

Romantic Suspense – Fans should mark their calendars for the Fall 2012 debut of Julie Ann Walker’s new series. Ex-special Ops agents run a motorcycle design shop by day and go on covert government missions by night in The Black Knight, Inc, series. The fun starts with Deadly Secrets, which will be followed by Deadly Desires and Deadly Intentions.


Thriller – Home Alone director Chris Columbus has struck a deal to adapt Michael Koryta’s 1935-set The Cyprus House. Taking place in Florida during the famous Labor Day hurricane, the hero of the tale is a World War I vet with clairvoyant abilities. Although there’s no word yet on when the movie will be in theaters, we are looking forward to another film filled with lots of chills and thrills.


Historical Fiction - Silver Pictures has won the television rights to author Arthur Vanderbilt’s Fortune’s Children: The Saga of the Vanderbilt Family. The show, like the book, will feature this iconic historical family’s lives — and those of their servants — during New York’s Ragtime era. 


Memoir - Stacy Pearsall’s as-of-yet-untitled memoir recounts her work as one of the most decorated female war photographers in American history. The memoir, which chronicles her recent tour of Iraq, will be complete with photo documentation of her journey and is sure to be an insightful look into her career. The memoir is set to be released in 2012. 


Young Adult - When the teen protagonist in Imogen Howson’s Linked begins to have frightening visions she doesn’t know who to turn to. Fortunately she discovers a previously unknown twin with whom she shares an inexplicable bond. Through their long-distance telepathic link, the girls are able to evade government capture — and worse — in this paranormal read.

Women’s Fiction - Switching gears from foreign news correspondent to women’s fiction novelist, Lara Santoro’s upcoming untitled release tells the story of a single mother whose romance with a young man changes her life forever. 

Mystery - Susanna Calkins’ upcoming historical novel Monster at the Gate revolves around crime-solving chambermaid who investigates the untimely death of a fellow servant. Set in 17th-century England, readers will also get to read about the Plague as well as the Great Fire of London. Monster at the Gate is set to be released in Fall 2012. 

Multicultural Romance - Bestselling author Zuri Day will be releasing an untitled contemporary summer romance novella as well as three more novels in her ongoing romance series. 

Romance - Megan Murray’s upcoming novel, How to Deal With a Duke, features an American advertising executive who begins a relationship with a seemingly average doctorial student only to find out that he is really the 19th Duke of Northrop. Murray’s quirky romance is the first in a three-book deal. 

Thriller - With a similar feel to hit TV show CSI, Robert Pobi’s debut novel Bloodman is a dark, psychological thriller about a man who recreates crime scene and must use all of his skills to catch a killer before a Category 5 hurricane destroys important evidence. Bloodman will be published in Spring 2012. 

Romantic Suspense - Carla Swafford's first digital release, Out of the Shadows, will be releasing soon from Avon Impluse. With the story, Swafford will introduce readers to a unique heroine who is an assassin who believes she is killing for all the right reasons. But when she is captured by the domineering leader of another mercenary group, she must face the fact that there is more to her missions than she first thought. 


Using her pen name Caris Roane, Valerie King will continue her Guardians of Ascension series about Vampire fighters and the strong women who they fall in love with. No publiciation date yet but we are looking forward to more of Roane’s fanged heroes!

Amanda Carlson’s heroine in the upcoming Full Blooded is the only female werewolf in a world full of male shifters. But her troubles don’t end there; she’s plagued by a prophecy that claims her existence means the end of werewolves around the world. The series first will be available in the fall of 2012, and is already set to be followed by Hot Blooded and Cold Blooded.

What would you do if you knew how people could die but couldn’t save them? When a particularly troubling one of these visions occur, the heroine in Chuck Wendig’s Blackbirds, will fight to change the future she saw — and possibly her own fate. Although no publication date has been announced, we do know that Blackbirds is scheduled to be followed by Mockingbirds, and hope that readers can expect this tale to be a series second.

For those who visit the strange curio shop in Kendra Leigh Castle’s Mirror, Mirror, the store’s owner will do her best to send shoppers home with a magical item that will help unlock their hidden desires. The release date for Mirror, Mirror is still TBA, but the premise has us considering spending time in such stores hoping for a little bit of enchantment of our own.

Liquid Lies by Heather Marshall, writing as Hanna Martine, is set in corporate America with a heroine who uses magic in her everyday life. But when the heir to the water elementals fortune discovers that her family has participated in a genocide, this magical miss teams up with a human mercenary in order to make her family pay.

Karina Cooper’s Dark Mission series will continue with two more books about the alternate universe where witches are hunted down and killed. 

These are this week's deals that we can’t wait to hear more about in the coming months. Check back every Monday for more Forewords!