Forewords - The Books Before The Buzz

With our column, Forewords, we let readers know the latest book news about some of the web team's most-anticipated upcoming releases across the genres — just as the projects are announced!


Historical Romance - Last year author Zoe Archer wowed readers with her historical action adventure/romance series Blades of the Rose. Now the talented writer is working on transporting readers back to the Victorian era with tales of a group of men and women who used to work as spies, military personnel and thieves before they devoted themselves to bringing justice to the voiceless. The author has signed on to do at least three books in her new series: Nemesis, Unlimited.

Paranormal Romance – When a group of demons attempt to hijack the Apocalypse and turn Earth into a living hell, it is up to a young medical examiner and a fallen angel to put an end to the destruction in Revelation by Erica Hayes. There’s no word yet on when readers can get their hands on this dark paranormal series starter, but we can’t wait to see who triumphs!


Series Romance - If you are looking for a short read that will have you re-evaluating your life, be sure to keep your eyes open for Laura Bradford's upcoming Harlequin American novel. The as-of-yet-untitled book follows a woman who struggles with multiple sclerosis while searching for true love. Publication TBA.

Historical Fiction - Michelle Diener’s next novel, currently untitled, promises to be an action-packed historical tale features a young heroine during the era of Napoleon’s French rule. As the heroine climbs from the gutters of London into the city’s upper echelon of society, along the way she gets embroiled in the emperor's plot to create an economic crisis in England that will cripple the country and make it easier for the ruler to conquer all of Europe.

Fantasy - In a world on the brink of war, assassins’ skills may hold the key to who will win in the battle between dark sorcerers. You can find out more when The Shadow Warrior: The Undead Hordes of Kan-Gul by Jon Merz hits stores in 2013.


Science Fiction - Fresh author Jason Hought debuts with The Darwin Elevator, which chronicles the adventures of a group immune to an alien disease, who may be humanity’s only hope for survival if the aliens return. This futuristic tale sounds promising; we wish we could predict the release date!


The Salem Witch Trials come to life in Marilynne Roach’s Six Women of Salem, which examines a select group of victims fingered as witches. We’re hoping for a fresh perspective in this historical investigation, which is set for release fall of 2013.

East meets West in Janice Nimura’s The Iwakura Girls, about a trio of samurai daughters who are sent to school in America for ten years. They return to Japan and attempt to redefine gender roles, but are faced with criticism and estrangement. There’s no word yet on a publication date for this true-life story.


Contemporary Romance - Angelina’s Bachelors by Brian O’Reilly has been optioned for a TV show on ABC. The story follows a young woman who captures the hearts and stomachs of her neighborhood’s bachelors with her cooking and we can’t wait to see the yummy visuals that will accompany this heartwarming story!


Young Adult - Myra McEntire’s debut novel Hourglass, following the adventures of a time traveling teenage girl who meets a boy with psychic powers, is coming to the big screen. We’re excited to see how the time travel sequences translate onto film!


After only two books, Heather Gudenkauf has already made a name for herself in women’s fiction. This bestselling, award-winning author is currently working on the stand-alone novel One Breath Away. Never one to let her audience get too comfortable, with this story Gundenfauf follows a community dealing with the unthinkable situation of having the local elementary school held hostage by a gunman. The book is set to release in July 2012, giving readers enough time to get ready for this terrifying tale.

In Ann Leary’s Out of Mind, a 60-year-old woman battles with alcoholism and strives to keep up appearances as an admirable mother, grandmother, and neighbor, while struggling to keep her life from crumbling. Expect this hard-hitting story on shelves in 2012.

Touted as a South African The Help, Barbara Mutch’s The Housemaid’s Daughter explores the complex relationship between two women as they struggle to understand each other. Sure to be filled with drama and anguish, we’re looking forward to its 2013 release.

Kristina McMorris returns with Through Memory’s Gate, a gut-wrenching story about the custody battle over a 7-year-old boy whose injuries from his sudden violent nightmares uncover a slew of secrets. This intriguing tale is sure to be filled with terrific suspense!

Debut author Hannah Tunnicliffe’s novel The Colour of Tea, set in exotic Macau, follows a broken woman whose decision to open her own small cafe may be life-changing. The people she meets and the friends she makes are only the beginning. Learn more when the book releases July of 2012.

These are this week's deals that we can’t wait to hear more about in the coming months. Check back every Monday for more Forewords and you can always visit our Upcoming Releases Page!