Forewords - The Books Before The Buzz

With our column, Forewords, we let readers know the latest book news about some of the web team's most-anticipated upcoming releases across the genres — just as the projects are announced!


Romantic Suspense - RT’s Whitney and Morgan absolutely adored the first two tales in Jami Alden’s gritty new series Beg For Mercy and Hide From Evil. So we were beyond thrilled to learn that we won’t just be getting one, but two more books about the characters that were part of the court case — and subsequent conviction — of the wrongfully accused Sean Flynn. 

Thriller - Bestselling author James Rollins teams up with Grant Blackwood for a new venture. The Tucker Wayne Series picks up where the popular Sigma Force tales left off. Fans will be thrilled to see more of the decorated Captain Tucker Wayne (and his war-dog) in 2013 and 2014.


Urban Fantasy - Jessica Shrivington will introduce readers to heroine Violet Eden in her newest project. Three books about the half-angel, half-human Eden have been contracted so far. Embrace, Enticed and Emblaze may not have publication dates yet, but we can’t wait to get our hands on them!

Mystery - Have you been looking to add a kick to your cozies? Then be sure to put the new tales from Miriam Potocky on your TBR list. The author’s 2013 release Dirty Harriet kicks off a series that follows a P.I. heroine who loves her Harley and solving crimes in an upper-crust area of southern Florida.

Steampunk Fantasy - “When Josie Comes Home” the first in a post-apocalyptic series by author A.E. Stanton (aka Gini Koch) has been picked up by Urania Speculative fiction. The story about two sisters caught in the time’s system of slavery has been previously released by Musa Publishing and is currently available at Smashwords. However, the author’s never-before-released titles Deacon of Desert Springs - The New West 3 by A.E. Stanton and Three Card Monte - The Martian Alliance Chronicles 2 by Gini Koch are also slated to be released by Musa Publishing in the next few months.


Erotic Romance - Crash into You by Roni Loren comes with a special optional attachment, an e-novella tie in titled "Still Into You". Although we will have to wait until 2012 for the author’s upcoming releases, we can’t wait for more of her sizzling stories!

Series Romance – A woman starts a relationship with a con man in Catherine Mann’s An Inconvenient Affair, but how soon will she discover that he’s actually a computer hacker turned government agent with a hefty bank account? This new story will kick off trilogy of Harlequin Desires and is slated to hit shelves in October 2012.

Mainstream Fiction – Author Owen King, son of bestselling Stephen King, will pen the upcoming Reenactment about a young man who directs his first film only to have it fail in a bizarre manner. Hmmm, "bizarre manner", are you thinking what we're thinking — like father like son?

Young Adult – Paul Rudnick makes his YA debut with a tale about a fashion director who promises to turn a teen into the most beautiful woman in the world with three fantastic dresses. But when they transform the girl into an international star (and lead to a romantic whirlwind) the heroine must decide if being beautiful is really all that it’s cracked up to be. Our fingers are crossed that this as-of-yet-untitled book will come complete with pictures of the amazing dresses.


Mainstream Fiction – Sarah Buishas’ upcoming project takes on Peter Parker (aka Spiderman) and the superhero’s first love, Gwen Stacy, as the young couple face down adventure and rescue each other in the early days of their relationship. Unfortunately fans will have a long wait for this tale, The Night Gwen Stacy Died won’t be released until Spring 2013.


Mainstream Fiction – If you’re still mourning the end of Sex and the City and can’t get enough of Hot in Cleveland, then ABC’s new show may be for you. Seinfeld, Scrubs and Everybody Loves Raymond alums are all on board to adapt Jennifer Close’s Girls in White Dresses. The story follows three twenty-something women adrift in their lives while all of their friends are walking down the aisle. Against the backdrop of New York City, Isabella, Mary and Lauren struggle through — or is it succeed despite — bad jobs, tiny apartments and crazy relationship dramas; and we can’t wait to tune in to the action every week.


Historical Fiction – With 2011’s The Paris Wife, Paula McLain transported readers back to the 1920s to witness the heights and depths of Ernest Hemingway’s marriage to his first wife, Hadley Richardson. Surrounded by famous figures of their time — Gertrude Stein, Ezra Pound and F. Scott Fitzgerald — the couple must navigate what their relationship while struggling with what this new life means. The tale made Amazon’s lists of Best Books of 2011 and we are looking forward to finding out who gets cast to play these fantastic characters. 


Biography – Melanie Kupchynsky, a violinist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, has teamed up with journalist Joanne Lipman to tell the story of Melanie’s father, the famed orchestra teacher who was both demanding of and beloved by three generations of students. Strings Attached: Life Lessons from the World’s Toughest Teacher expands on Lipman’s op-ed New York Times piece about the man, “And the Orchestra Played On”. The book will be in stores in Spring 2013.

These are this week's deals that we can’t wait to hear more about in the coming months. Check back every Monday for more Forewords and you can always visit our Upcoming Releases Page!