Forewords - The Books Before The Buzz

With our column, Forewords, we let readers know the latest book news about some of the web team's most-anticipated upcoming releases across the genres — just as the projects are announced!


Mystery - Rick Mofina’s series hero Jack Gannon has been winning over fans all around the world. (His April outing, In Desperation, is up for an RT Reviewer’s Choice Award this year.) We are pleased to learn that readers will be getting at least two more tales about the intrepid reporter!

Historical Fiction - Author Emma Donoghue is set to follow her bestselling story of psychological torment, Room, with the upcoming novel Astray. Get ready to travel through time, because the new tale will take you from the seventeenth to the twentieth century — and the book’s September 2012 pub date can’t come soon enough!


Paranormal Romance - There are more sexy heroes ahead for fans of Donna Grant’s paranormal Dark Warriors series (a spin-off from the author’s popular Dark Sword series). Grant will be adding to the series with four print books and three e-originals! Fun fact, the working title for each of the first four tales in this series includes the word “Midnight’s” ...

Young Adult - We know they say “all good things must come to an end” but we wish that it wasn’t happening to the good thing that is Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series. We’ve watched these girls grow up to be kick butt spies and knowing that the upcoming book six is the last installment is positively bittersweet. Thankfully, Carter will be continuing her Heist series with book three, so we know the author isn’t leaving us high and dry! 


Contemporary Romance - Author Jaci Burton will transport readers to Hope, Oklahoma for her upcoming tales of modern day love. As of right now readers can expect at least books in this series and our fingers are crossed that at least one character will be a contemporary cowboy (or cowgirl).

Series Romance - Sharon Ashwood will chill and thrill her fans with two tales from Harlequin Nocturne. The author is currently working on Deadly Inheritance and Deadly Proposal, which promise to feature an ancient feud, a mercenary, a grieving young woman and a diamond-studded wedding dress!

Erotica - Carrie Lofty will team up with fellow author Lorelie Brown, to write under the pseudonym Katie Porter for their new venture. “Porter” will pen a series called Vegas Top Guns, starting with Summer 2012’s Double Down that features a waitress/museum curator that lets go of her inhibitions after meeting a sexy Top Gun fighter. 


Historical Romance - When the weather outside is frightful, a fireplace is quite delightful, but there’s no need for one of those when you have a Charlotte Featherstone tale in your hands. Featherstone is known for her books’ signature super-steamy heat rating. And the author has just signed a deal to write a winter-themed novella for next November. She may be the first author ever to get us to consider investing in a high-powered fan in the middle of the winter!

Fantasy - Emma Jane Holloway’s upcoming heroine is torn between two worlds: that of her father, a circus performer, and her mother, a highborn lady. Magic, mystery and romance meet at a crossroads for Gimcrack Angels, but will Holloway’s heroine be able to save the day and prove that the two men she loves are not murderers? Only time will tell ...

Women’s Fiction - When a woman discovers herself standing knee-deep in a body of water in San Francisco, it’s up to her estranged fiancé to help her discover her past — and hopefully convince her that they have a bright future together in Jennie Shortridge’s tale Love Water Memory.

Thriller - Can a Vatican investigator uncover a sleazy American televangelist’s secrets in time to save the TV personality from assassins? To find out you’ll have to pick up your own copy of Sean Chercover’s The Trinity Game. Publication date TBA.


Memoir - Layne Moser, a journalist/blogger, recounts how over a span of four years, each week she would get in a cab and ask the driver to take her to his (or her) favorite place to eat. The result? A series of delicious meals from Berlin to Buenos Aires and New York, and Mosler’s next work Driving Hungry. This tribute to delicious meals, chance encounters and new friendships is sure to delight any foodie you know!


Young Adult - Break my Heart 1000 Times by Dan Waters is coming to the big screen. In this author’s admittedly heart-breaking tale, most of the teen and adult population has been killed but their spirits have remained on Earth as they attempt to connect with their still-living loved ones. We’re already stocking up on tissues.


Mystery - Taylor Jackson, J.T. Ellison’s beloved Nashville homicide lieutenant, is coming to the small screen. Fishbowl Worldwide Media has purchased the rights to all seven of the Taylor Jackson books so you can bet that the resulting television series will be jam-packed with action and adventure! (Fun Extra: The author blogged about who she’d love to see playing her leads here.)

Young Adult - Clarity, the heroine of Kim Harrington’s March 2011 book by the same name, must use her supernatural visions to track down the evidence that will prove her brother’s innocence. Along the way Clarity must face down angry townspeople and figure out if she can trust either her bad boy crush or her ex-boyfriend to help find the answers she needs. Amateur sleuths and Nancy Drew-enthusiasts, get ready for a wild ride!

These are this week's deals that we can’t wait to hear more about in the coming months. Check back every Monday for more Forewords and you can always visit our Upcoming Releases Page!