Forewords - The Books Before The Buzz

With our column, Forewords, we let readers know the latest book news about some of the web team's most-anticipated upcoming releases across the genres — just as the projects are announced!


Paranormal Romance - Do you like your supernatural stories with a helping of vampires? If so, you will want to check out Cindy Gregory’s next series. Writing under the pen name Ashlyn Chase, the author will be bringing readers light paranormal books beginning with Flirting With Fangs. During the series, different groups of supernatural creatures will all come together at a Boston bar — and mix with the mortals who also frequent the establishment. Get ready for several happily ever afters that will last longer than the average human lifespan.

Mystery - Angela Burt-Murray embarks on a new series of thrillers. Her Diva mysteries will be based in part on the time that the author spent working at Essence, as the entertainment journalist heroine attempts to find professional success and unmask a criminal or two along the way.


Thriller - Doctor-turned-author D.P. Lyle will treat readers to the third in his popular Dub Walker series. Run To Ground features the criminal behavior expert/forensic scientist in one of his toughest cases yet, as he tries to locate a young couple that disappeared shortly after their child’s killer was publicly assassinated. Readers can look for this book to be released in the Fall. 


Historical Romance - Beth Pattillo’s The Hedgerow Princess will feature a wild mountain child and a London dandy who attempts to turn her into a princess in order to save a kingdom. We can’t wait to see how this story will turn out and are also looking forward to a re-issue of the novels Princess Charming and Her Perfect Earl, which the author wrote under the pen name Bethany Brooks.

Contemporary Romance - What will happen when a videographer who is trying to hide her past transgressions falls head over heels for a man who has captured America’s hearts? It certainly won’t be easy for her to avoid the Spotlight in Kim Groom’s next novel. Publication date TBA.

Series Romance - The two thirty-year-old heroines in Vanessa Miller’s upcoming Kimani novel, Her Good Thing, have decided that their lives lack only one thing: love. So they will do whatever it takes to find the Prince Charmings that their otherwise perfect lives are missing.

Young Adult - There’s a serial killer targeting students at a DC high school in Elle Cosimano’s Dead Blue. And the only person who has the keys to ending this reign of terror is a genius from the wrong side of the tracks, but when she speaks about it she becomes the main suspect in the string of murders. We know there won’t be any easy answers in this Fall 2013 release because Cosimano is already contracted for a sequel.

Mainstream Fiction - Everything this bride thought she wanted will come into question in The Week Before the Wedding the upcoming novel from Beth Kendrick. When a bride and groom and her friends and family gather at a vacation house, things are already chaotic — and that’s before her ex shows up!

Mystery - Le Cordon Blue chefs are keeling over at an alarming rate and it may have to do with a collection of wartime recipes that are rumored to be cursed! To find out if anyone cooks can avoid Death’s chilly grip, be sure to check out Kate Carlisle’s next novel, Killer Cookbook.

Science Fiction - Will McIntosh won the Hugo Award for his short story about love in the 2300s, and he’s now expanding this concept into a full-length novel titled Bridesicle. You can get a peek at what the story might be like by checking out his award-winning short story here.


Paranormal Romance - Temptress can take away a superhero’s power with a single kiss, but when this justice-seeking heroine turns her skills on the wrong man, it appears that she’s made more than just a miscalculation — he might steal her heart! We love romance novels featuring superheroes and can’t wait to download Elle Stone’s e-book Temptress. Publication date: TBA.


Historical Fiction - Enjoying the drama of historical TV shows Mad Men and Downton Abbey? Then be sure to mark your calendar for the release of this new novel from Suzanne Rindell. The Other Typist is set in New York during the 1920s, about a female typist at the NYPD who becomes obsessed with the new girl at work.

Paranormal Fiction - If you love rousing chase scenes, dashing scoundrels and mysteries set in the art world, be sure to check out Phoebe and the Ghost of Chagall. Phoebe and the titular ghost will do whatever it takes to track down one of the deceased artist’s stolen paintings in this upcoming novel from Jill Keonigsdorf.


Lifestyle - Gretta Monahan, Health magazine’s fashion editor and The Rachel Ray Show style expert, is working on a book to help you “create a consistent and long-lasting positive message that translates to the world exactly who you are.” Style and the Successful Girl will be on shelves in Summer 2013 and we can’t wait to pick up our copies.


David Ely’s futuristic tale Journal of the Flood Year transports readers into a time not so far removed from our own, where a technobureaucracy controls the government and passion has been eradicated. However, a lone man, hero William Fowke, begins to suspect that the wall that keeps the Atlantic Ocean from destroying America’s East Coast is leaking. When Fowke is exiled from society he discovers that even the other exiles don’t want him. But can he get back to civilization in time to save the world that didn’t believe his warnings — and will he want to? Oscar-winning producer Eric Abraham will be helming this project with Portobello Pictures.

Zane’s bestselling novel Addicted features “the perfect woman” but her sex addiction is putting her success in peril. Everything that she’s worked so hard for may be lost if she can’t get control of her urges. Rosemary Rodriguez, who has directed episodes of many popular TV shows such as The Good Wife and Rescue Me as well as 2001’s Acts of Worship will be taking on the film adaptation. This project should start getting underway in the late spring or early summer of 2012.

These are this week's deals that we can't wait to hear more about in the coming months. Check back every Monday for more Forewords and you can always visit our Upcoming Releases Page!