Forewords: The Books Before The Buzz

With our column, Forewords, we let readers know the latest book news about some of the web team's most-anticipated upcoming releases across the genres — just as the projects are announced!


Contemporary Romance - What is sexier than an All-Star athlete? The men who help make all that fame and success happen! Author Melanie Scott is set to deliver three new books about a group of friends who take over their favorite baseball team and the women who capture their hearts. Kicking off with The Devil in Denim, the series is set to release Spring 2014.

Paranormal Romance - Jenn Bennett’s upcoming series puts a ghostly spin on prohibition. Set in 1920s San Francisco, a renowned bootlegger meets a spirit medium after experiencing a rather strange haunting in his Chinatown neighborhood. No word yet on when the first book will be released, but if it’s anything like Bennett's Arcadia Bell books, it’s already on our TBR list!

Fantasy - Jeffe Kennedy will be telling the stories of three daughters of a crumbling kingdom who discover their magical powers, find love and help save their land in her upcoming Twelve Kingdoms series. Expect the first book to hit shelves in 2014.


Mystery - Dr. Thomas Silkstone returns in Tessa Harris’ next historical mystery, At the Sign of the Jagged Cross. We’re wondering just what kind of trouble will find this American anatomist in Eighteenth Century London next! Release date TBA.

Contemporary Romance - Slip on a pair of comfy jeans and grab your cowboy hat because Katie Lane has two more books lined up in her Deep in the Heart of Texas series. And we all know what they say about everything being bigger in Texas … we just hope this includes a stellar HEA!


Inspirational - When a young woman escapes her abusive foster home, she copes with the trauma by assuming the personality of one of her favorite fictional characters. Find out which heroine she takes on in Katherine Reay’s Dear Mr. Knightley, slated for release in August 2013.

Mainstream Fiction - Ann Wertz Garvin’s next heroine develops an unhealthy way of dealing with the death of her husband and daughter after a car crash takes their lives. When this surgeon turns to shoplifting, it lands her in her small town’s only support group: AA meetings held at the neighborhood dog park, where she learns there’s life — and perhaps even love — after loss. Look for this tale in 2014.


Romantic Suspense - A Baltimore social worker must juggle the return of a former lover who broke her heart with solving a dangerous mystery involving the strange disappearance of children in Joya FieldsClose to Nothing. Release date TBA.


Young Adult - The ravaged, post-apocalyptic world that Jen Alexander’s heroine lives in is just her everyday norm, until she learns that her reality is actually the bestselling video game in the country — and she’s a character who must fight her way through the game in order to survive! Release date TBA.

Fantasy - Love, dragons and political intrigue are what Elisabeth Anne Leonard has in store for readers with her debut Moth and Spark. When a prince falls in love with one of his kingdom’s lowly commoners, can the two work out their differences while uncovering the scandal that threatens their land? 


Advice - If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to make a real Happily Ever After endure the test of time, relationship psychologist Ty Tashiro reveals the three things that matter when it comes to making love last in his upcoming book The Science of Happily Ever After


ABC Family is taking on Stacey Jay’s Juliet Immortal – an alternate take on the classic Romeo and Juliet — where Romeo and Juliet, after ending their relationship, are now sworn enemies who must compete for the souls of their admirers. We’re thrilled to see Romeo and Juliet depicted in a whole new light and hope the book translates well to television!

These are this week's deals that we can’t wait to hear more about in the coming months. Check back every Monday for more Forewords!