Four Damsels In Disguise From Harlequin Historical

This month Harlequin introduces readers to four historical heroines who find themselves in situations where they must pretend to be something they are not. From Regency ballrooms to the Wyoming frontier, find out how these women end up in these sticky situations!


Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess
By Christine Merrill

To investigate her cousin’s suspicious death, heroine Daphne Collingham poses as the governess to the widowed Lord Colton’s youngsters — despite lacking any knowledge about how to raise children. Will Daphne be able to juggle her feisty charges, the feelings that she develops for their father and solve the mystery?


Her Wyoming Man
By Cheryl St. John

Pampered Ella Reed was a kept woman before she traveled to Wyoming hoping to land a husband. But when she marries politician Nathan Lantry and becomes mother to his children, her secret past may doom his ambitions — and their happiness!


The Earl Plays With Fire
By Isabelle Goddard

Christabel Tallis has worked hard to hide her true passionate nature after she caused a scandal by jilting her fiancé years ago. But when the ex-fiancé returns to London, sparks still fly between them. Will Richard be able to see that Christabel is not the impulsive girl she once was?


The Rake’s Final Conquest
By Dorothy Elbury

Marcus Wolfe, Viscount Helstone tells Miss Sophie Flint’s employers that they are distant cousins while trying to seduce this governess. However, before long the jig is up and Sophie no longer has her job. Will Marcus be able to convince Sophie that her new position should be as his wife?


You can find out what happens to Sophie and Christabel in The Rake’s Final Conquest and The Earl Plays With Fire, which are both available now. And mark your calendar, Ella’s and Daphne’s stories will be released on June 21!