Four Great Revolutionary Romances For The Fourth Of July

Happy Fourth of July! Here at RT we are celebrating the holiday with barbecues, beach time and several boatloads of fireworks. And to get all of our readers into the spirit to celebrate the nation’s birthday, today we have four suggestions that will help you get into the Revolutionary state of mind! If you’re hunting beyond The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss (which historical sticklers may point out actually takes place 13 years after the war ends) we’ve got some more classic reads that are sure to satisfy every taste. These historicals will whisk you back to a time when tea was taxed, the West hadn’t yet been won and war was brewing just beneath the surface of our civilized veneer. Without further ado, here are our top four reads for the Fourth of July!


The Raider by Jude Deveraux

Originally Published April 1991

The Book In A Look: The beautiful Jessica Taggart hates the town drunk, Alexander Montgomery, but she roots for the masked patriot who undoes the work of the British right under their very noses — what will she do when she discovers that these two men are one and the same?

Why We Love It: From the masked hero to the ice queen heroine and even the intriguing secondary romance, this story is one of Deveraux’s best. A not-to-be-missed Colonial-set read!


The Rebel And The Rose by Joan Wolf

Originally Published July 1986

The Book In A Look: When the English Lady Barbara Maxwell is sent to America to marry Alan Maxwell, it is not love at first sight — they disagree about almost everything. But will the strain of the war, with Alan away fighting, be enough to take this truce of a marriage from uneasy to happily ever after?

Why We Love It: As much a family saga as it is a romance novel, Wolf takes on many often-untouched aspects of life in Revolutionary America. This is classic historical romance that may just send you on a whirl of re-reading some of your favorite 1980s-era tales of love in the past.


The Ring by Sylvia Haliday

Originally Published March 1997

The Book In A Look: English Miss Prudence Allbright is trying to make her way to the Colonies in order to find the young man she loves, Jamie. But in order to make the sea passage unaccosted by the lascivious ship Captain, she is forced to wed the vessel’s surgeon, Dr. Ross Manning. As their relationship blooms, will Prudence let herself be happy with a man who is not Jamie?

Why We Love It: This RT Top Pick! has Senior Reviewer Kathe raving that it is “marvelous” and “reminiscent of the classic The Flame and the Flower” by Katherine E. Woodiwiss.


An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon

Originally Published October 2009

The Book In A Look: In this installment of the phenomenally popular Outlander series, Claire, Jamie and their loved ones are caught in the drama of the American Revolution. Although the timetravelling Claire knows that the American forces will win — there’s no guarantee that Jamie and the rest of the Frasers will survive the war.

Why We Love It: It’s a pleasure to finally see this long-running series take on the turbulent time period. Even if you’re new to the series, this read's rich storyline and dynamic characters are sure to please!


What book do you read to get in the spirit of the Fourth of July? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out RT’s Everything Romance Page for more recommendations all year long!