Four Harlequin Medical Romance Heroes Who Are Sure To Please!

This month the Harlequin Medical Romances feature four very different types of heroes. Do you like Mr. Nice Guy or prefer a bad boy hero? Do you adore the dedicated bachelor or a dream of a foreign lover? No matter what type of hero makes you swoon, Harlequin will treat you to a medical professional that is just what the doctor ordered!

Doctor's Guide to Dating in the Jungle
By Tina Beckett

Hero Type: Mr. Nice Guy

Meet The Man: Dr. Matthew Palermo travels the rivers of the Amazon, treating the people who live in the jungle. He's had his heart broken before, when his last girlfriend lost her life to an Amazon fever, so he's not sure that he can love again. But when the new doctor who has signed on to work with him turns out to be a woman, can he keep Stevie out of his heart?

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Once a Good Girl...
by Wendy S. Marcus

Hero Type: The Bad Boy

Meet The Man: Years ago, a misunderstanding resulted in high schooler Kyle Karlinsky being accused of rape and getting run out of town. Now he's back and is shocked to learn that the long ago evening resulted in Victoria Forley's teen pregnancy. Will Kyle be able to convince Victoria that he's ready to be a dad — or will his wild ways drive Victoria (and his son) away for good? 

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Spring Proposal in Swallowbrook
By Abigail Gordon

Hero Type: The Dedicated Bachelor

Meet The Man: Dr. Hugo Lawrence is looking forward to enjoying his newfound freedom now that he's no longer taking care of his sister and her young children. But when his new co-worker Ruby Hollister asks to rent his spare apartment, he doesn't see the harm in it. However, soon they are spending all their time together and Hugo is developing feelings for her. But will he give up his bachelor freedom for a chance at happily ever after?

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Spanish Doctor, Pregnant Midwife
By Anne Fraser

Hero Type: The Foreign Lover

Meet The Man: Dr. Raphael Castillo is an obstetrician who wants a family of his own. When he learns that his last amour, midwife Annie Thomas, is pregnant, he is willing to do whatever it takes to be part of his child's life. But will a miscarriage scare bring this couple closer together or will it push them apart for good? 

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We hope you that one (or more) of these sexy doctors tickles your fancy and has you dreaming of your own medical hero. To find out what happens to these four couples, you can download these e-books from And for more genre coverage head over to our Everything Romance Page!