Four Harlequin Medical Romances Full Of Family Drama

As any fan of ER, Grey’s Anatomy and Nurse Jackie knows, sometimes the drama of doctors’ lives doesn’t end when they leave the hospital. From troubled teens to unexpectedly caring for a pair of young children and beyond, the June Harlequin Medical series romances each explore how new relationships can be affected by family drama.

Maverick in the ER
By Jessica Matthews

Doctor Sierra relocated after her husband’s death but is unsure if she will still be able to save lives in the ER. It takes the encouragement of Trey, a sexy fellow doctor, to help her feel confident again. But when Trey’s preteen niece is diagnosed with a serious illness, Trey retreats inside of himself. Will this pair of doctors ever be able to find a way back to the love that had just started to bloom?

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The Taming of Dr. Alex Draycott
By Joanna Neil

Dr. Alex Draycott has come to Somerset to care for her brother’s children while he recuperates from an accident. But sometimes challenges like this one have unexpected good results. It is here in Somerset that Alex meets Dr. Callum Brooksby and although the course of their love doesn’t run smoothly, the pair might never have met if Alex hadn’t come to her brother’s rescue!

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Single Dad Seeks a Wife
By Melanie Milburne

Chief Inspector Lachlan D’Ancey is knee-deep in family drama. He has just divorced his wife and their teenage daughter Poppy has become a magnet for trouble. Lachlan is not interested in starting a new relationship with forensic doctor Eloise who is in town to help unravel a high-profile murder. However, undeniable chemistry that sparks between the pair as they search for answers. But when it appears that Poppy may be involved in the incident, Lachlan may have to make a choice between family and his new relationship.

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The Man Behind the Badge
By Sharon Archer

City girl Dr. Kayla Morgan, who is working in the Australian outback town of Dustin, has caught the eye of Sergeant Tom Jamieson. Tom would like Kayla to make Dustin her permanent home but first he will have to convince this commitment-shy doctor to give their attraction a chance to become a relationship. Kayla grew up with a controlling parent and knows that she never wants to go back to being under someone’s thumb. She is very worried that Tom’s natural authority that comes from his work as a police officer will spill over into his personal life. Will this couple be able to cross the emotional chasm between them?

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We hope you enjoy these tales of doctors with family drama and want to know who are some of your favorite fictional doctors with challenging home lives?