Four Medical Themed Romances Get *Web Exclusive Reviews*

I adore Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Off The Map, and with sexy doctors like McDreamy and McSteamy saving lives, I know I'm not the only gal out there who can't get enough of hospital romance. So I was thrilled to learn that RT will now be running *Web Exclusive Reviews* of the series romances in the Harlequin Medical imprint!

We are kicking off these reviews with four February titles, Rescued by the Dreamy Doc by Amy AndrewsSix Week Marriage Miracle by Jessica MatthewsCedar Bluff's Most Eligible Bachelor by Laura Iding and The Doctor's Bride By Sunrise by Josie MetcalfeThese four novels are full of drama, adventure, longing and passion, proving that even dressed in scrubs these medical professionals can still sizzle and steam.

This month an estranged husband and wife rekindle their romance, a psych nurse and psychologist turn up the heat in Australia, long-lost lovers reunite and a beautiful nurse tames a rakish doctor. You can find out the specifics in the *Web Exclusive Reviews* below. But let me tell you, these romances almost have me hanging out at a hospital in hopes of meeting my own good-looking doctor!

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