Four New Families In November's Harlequin Medical Romances

This month's Harlequin Medical Romances feature couples struggling with issues concerning babies, pregnancy and parenthood. From fertility troubles to unexpected pregnancies, the heroes and heroines in November's Harlequin Medical Romances face difficult situations and wrestle with heartbreaking questions. But at the end of these emotional challenges, will these couples be able to create the families they've always wanted?

The Fiancée He Can't Forget
By Caroline Anderson

After ending their engagement, midwife Amy and Dr. Ben thought they'd never cross paths again. But soon they meet again at the wedding of their mututal friends. Amy is the bridesmaid in her best friend's wedding, opposite the best man, Ben. After they indulge in a steamy one night stand, Amy becomes pregnant, and decides to keep the baby a secret from Ben, who still harbors feelings for his ex. Will circumstances beyond their control help the couple reconcile their differences and create the family they've both always dreamed of?

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Dr. Devereux's Proposal

By Margaret McDonagh

Physiotherapist Lauren and handsome French doctor Gabriel are drawn together after learning that they were both adopted as children. But when Gabriel popst the question, Lauren considers ends things, fearing that she'd passing on her genetic eye disease any children they might have in the future. Will fear keep this perfect pair apart?

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Dynamite Doc or Christmas Dad?
By Marion Lennox

Dr. Ben has no interest in having a family, but when single mom Dr. Jessica wants her son to spend Christmas with his Uncle Ben, the hunky Doc begins to have second thoughts. The holidays with Jessica and her son are lots of fun. Can Ben get over his commitment fears and teach Jessica how to trust again?

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The Child Who Rescued Christmas
By Jessica Matthews

Nurse Sara can't wait to celebrate her wedding anniversary with husband Dr. Cole. But Cole cancels their plans after finding out that a one night stand years ago resulted in a child, and the young boy's mother has died. Unable to conceive children of her own, Sara must grapple with mixed emotions about Cole's dark secret and his new son. Can she forgive Cole and accept him and the child as the family she so desperately wants?

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