The Fourth Annual Authors Networking Summit Hits Houston

Networking is an important aspect of any industry, but maybe even more so when it comes to publishing. Authors not only have to engage with their readers, but also with industry professionals such as reviewers, journalists and event planners.

To help new and aspiring authors develop their networking skills, The Master Communicator’s Writing Services will host the fourth Annual Authors Networking Summit on October 5, 2013, at the TBH Center, located at 333 S. Jensen Dr., Houston, TX 77003. This unique event will provide aspiring authors with sessions and presentations that will help educate and motivate them as they continue navigating their paths to publication. Established authors are also encouraged to attend.

What’s even more exciting is that RT Top Pick! author Reshonda Tate Billingsley will be emcee the summit’s Celebrity Awards Luncheon!

For more information on the Fourth Annual Authors Networking Summit, including registration details, please visit their website here.