Francesca Hawley Tells Us Who Is On Top When It's Alpha Versus Alpha

In Francesca Hawley's latest erotic read, Alpha Vs. Alpha, two Alpha wolf shifters go head to head when they must decide who is going to top their Dominant/submissive relationship. With dominance hardwired into their genes, Serena and Damien are both determined to lead in the bedroom. We were intrigued by this mix of D/s relationship dynamics and shifter politics, so we went straight to the author to find out more about how she decided which of these powerful characters would come out on top.

When a male and female shapeshifter face off against one another and both are Alphas, who is on top? In my release, Alpha vs. Alpha I had to figure it out because Serena Goldwolf and Damien Blackwolf are both Alphas and their very first encounter is a confrontation over a date gone very wrong.

Serena runs a matchmaking service for shapeshifters called and Damien's consultant set him up with a female shapeshifter who is violent and obsessive. Damien's pissed. But so is Serena. Even though she's right on the edge of going into heat, Serena isn't giving an inch.

In the natural world of a wolf pack, the alpha male is the pack leader. His mate rules at his side, but she remains submissive to him. So for my supernatural world of the shapeshifter wolf pack, I knew Damien's personality demands control. He wants a "traditional" relationship with his Alpha female where his Mate submits to him, at least sexually.

Though Damien wears Italian suits and throws off a power executive vibe, he's a warrior. Underneath his alpha exterior is a very romantic, sensual male. The kind that wants to take care of his Mate, especially his True Mate, and he has a strong commitment to her and to their future family. He's in the mold of a sensual Dom.

Serena likes control, too. While she's never had the drive or interest in being a pack leader, as a businesswoman, she leads and others follow. She doesn't want to surrender, but a part of her realizes that one day she'll have to submit to her Mate if he's an Alpha. Because of this, she decided long ago that if she took a Mate, she'd find a Beta male. However, when Serena meets Damien, everything she thought she knew about herself is turned on its head. She bares her throat in the classic gesture of submission. It makes her angry and yet it feels right.

Due to her heat cycle, their relationship initially fits the D/s dynamics of a male Dom and female submissive. Afraid of how comfortable she is yielding to Damien, Serena runs. She can't accept being submissive. She's afraid that she'll lose the core of herself in a relationship with Damien. That she'll say, "Yes, sir" to whatever pronouncements he makes, and she'd rather die first.

Damien is determined not to let her get away, but he senses her fear. Is she afraid of him or of their relationship? He loves her strength and her capable nature. An alpha female is just what he wants and needs, as long as she can submit sexually. He doesn't want to rule her 24/7, just during those hours of intimacy — when they make love. He isn't adverse to a little adventure in the bedroom either. So he might welcome Serena climbing on top — from time to time.

Since honesty and trust is at the core of any D/s relationship, even between True Mate shapeshifters like Serena and Damien, he follows her so they can hash things out. He wants to know what her needs are because when Alpha meets Alpha, sometimes he's on top and sometimes she is. But together they can take on the world.

- Francesca Hawley

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