Free-for-All Friday: Jamie McGuire's Red Hill

You may know and love Jaime McGuire for her New Adult blockbusters, Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster. But this week the author's going in a different direction with Red Hill, a zombie novel. The gripping tale follows three sets of survivors as they try to stay one step ahead of the zombie apocalypse, as the world falls apart around them.

Intrigued? In the mood for a zombie tale now that fall is finally here? Then this Free-for-All Friday is for you! Just comment below with your favorite zombie incarnation to win one of five copies. (We love almost all zombies, though Night of the Living Dead holds a special place in our still-warm hearts ... it's possible we chase our cat around the room sometimes, saying, "They're coming to get you, Barbara." (Our cat is not named Barbara.)) U.S. residents only. You can also e-mail us here with your answer and the subject "Red Hill Giveaway," along with your mailing address. Good luck!