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Friday Fiestas: Avon's Krewe and Heather Graham's Mardi Gras Mayhem

Ready for another party post, full of epic costumes and food porn? Then we, as always, are here for you. You'd think by Friday we might be slowing down the pace here in New Orleans at the RT Convention, but you would be mistaken! (Thank goodness for caffeine.) Friday's fiestas including the always awesome Avon party, where attendees mingled with their favorite Avon authors, nibbled on snacks — and scored tons of free books. Then it was time for Heather Graham's always epic dinner theater and costume competition. For a true understanding of the awesomeness, eyeball these pictures we snapped! 


With free books, drinks and sweets, the Avon/HarperCollins reader party was a hit!


Heather Graham made quite the entrance arriving to her party on a float!


It's not a Heather Graham party without singing, skits and shenanigans.


Cover model CJ Hollenbach was crowned the King of Light in this outstanding custom-made outfit.

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