Gena Showalter’s Lord Of Lust Is (Finally) Satisfied

Lets face it, Paris from Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series has never had a hard time getting women. Sure, it helps that he is heart stoppingly gorgeous, but really his prowess is due to his inner demon, Promiscuity, which gives off irresistible pheromones that get him sexytime with the ladies. And if this sounds like every man’s fantasy … not so fast.

Being the keeper of Lust is only a part of Paris' curse. As a punishment, Paris cannot have sex with the same person twice. So for him, the centuries blur into an unrelenting collection of faces and bodies. If he doesn’t get satisfaction from another (man or woman) on a regular basis Paris will weaken and become vulnerable to his enemies, the Hunters.

Paris has absolutely given up on ever having a real relationship with a woman until he meets Sienna. In a previous book in the series, Sienna was tasked by the Hunters to sleep with Paris to get his cooperation and ultimately destroy him. Considering the fact that Paris cannot refuse his demon, it was not difficult for Sienna to complete the first part of her mission. But the plan went awry when Paris, for the first time since being cursed, became aroused by the same woman twice. He quickly realized that Sienna could offer him his only chance at a lasting relationship. But before Paris could even consider what this meant, Sienna was inadvertently killed by her Hunter associates.

Losing Sienna sent Paris into a deep depression. For the past several books, while his Lord brothers have found their happily-ever-afters, Paris has been alone — or alone as he can be while getting regular booty calls to keep up his strength. But Paris is not ready to give up on Sienna. Just because she is dead, doesn’t necessarily mean that she is gone forever. So in Showalter’s newest release, The Darkest Seduction, Paris gets his gumption back and busts some heads to find Sienna’s soul, hoping that there might be a way to reunite with the only woman who has ever truly satisfied him.

“[S]ex with her wasn’t about him. It was about them. Their needs. Their desires ... There was nothing dirty about it. Nothing tainted, one-sided or detached.”

Without giving away too much, I will reveal that Paris is able to find Sienna in the Realm of Blood and Shadows, and, thanks to some very creative use of tattoos, he can actually see, hear and feel her which is always a good thing when you are trying to reconnect with your soul mate. But if only everything were that easy.

Sienna is not the same woman that Paris remembers. And although he is still incredibly attracted to her and wants to help her escape her prison, she is now saddled with the demon of Wrath which adds more than a few complications. (Not to mention the itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny fact that Sienna's body is, well, dead.) But with a determination born from absolute desperation, Paris fights for the chance at (finally) getting his happily ever after with the woman he loves.

Looking to spend more time with Paris and his demon Promiscuity? Make sure to check out Gena Showalter’s The Darkest Seduction, on shelves today and for more genre news go to our Everything Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Page!