Get The Look: Jeannie Lin's The Dragon And The Pearl

Jeannie Lin is one of those rare authors who is able to transport her readers into another time. I just finished her most recent series romance, The Dragon and the Pearl, and was utterly captivated by the tale's unusual setting, ancient China. This is a beautiful story about two people involved in the political upheavals of warring emperors and governors. When Suyin, a former royal courtesan, is caught in the middle of the fighting, she is captured/rescued by powerful warlord Li Tao. The two engage in an intricate dance between lies and truth, never fully trusting each other.

Lin's plot and characters are unique to their time, as are the cultural references made throughout the story. After readers "visit" the Tang Dynasty in The Dragon and the Pearl, I thought that they might want to bring some of the Asian influence into their own lives. So I have picked out a few modern pieces to share, my selections inspired from quotes from the text.



(1. Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 2. Gold Bamboo and Emerald Necklace by Tider Design from Etsy 3. Prada's 'Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger' Eau de Parfum Spray from Nordstrom 4. White Wish Lantern from 5. Nine Dragon Golden Needle Black Tea from