Get The Look: Liz Carlyle's The Bride Wore Pearls

I have been following Liz Carlyle’s St. James Society series since the very first book, 2010’s One Touch of Scandal. Learning about the secret St. James Society and its members, who protect England using inherited extrasensory skills, has been amazing. We get the best of two romance worlds — great historical locals and manners and also a good dose of paranormal mysticism.

This month’s release The Bride Wore Pearls is an especially exciting entry into the series because readers have been getting to know Rance, the Earl of Lazonby and Lady Anisha Stafford over the course of several books. (If you can really get to know such enigmatic characters.) Both have been deeply wounded and have a difficult time opening up to others. Despite his title, Rance has been branded a criminal and so he believes that no one will have him. But Anisha is more than willing to face the wrath of society for the love of this man. After all, she is already an outcast due to her Indian heritage.

Anisha is a lonely widow looking for companionship, and she wants is Rance. Tired of having her advances ignored, Anisha goes so far as to beg for his attention. It is difficult to see this proud woman baring her vulnerability, but in the end, if she gets her man, then it will all be worth it. Will Rance realize that his self-sacrificing ways are not what Anisha needs, but instead she requires a strong man beside her that can help her raise her two sons?

Readers looking for a different type of heroine and a unique love story will certainly want to read The Bride Wore Pearls. And, to get you ready for the adventure, I have picked out a few choice quotes from the book along with some modern day finds, which I have listed below. Enjoy!



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