Get The Look: Thea Harrison's True Colors

Perhaps the greatest unexpected gift to romance readers this year has been Thea Harrison's Elder Races books. The May series starter, Dragon Bound, received a coveted Gold RT review and the subsequent stories continue to wow readers. These paranormal romances include passion, mystery and a delightful mix of truly unique characters. Within the pages of these books, Wyr creatures, immortal beings from the magical lands of an alternate universe, are sometimes treated like gods and in other cases feared for the devils they can become.

Because of the huge fan following that Harrison garnered from her series debut, the author and her publisher quickly followed up Dragon Bound with Top Picks Storm's Heart and Serpent's Kiss. And for a further treat, the author has also just released the series' first short story in e-format. In "True Colors" readers meet Gideon Riehl a wolf shifter who works with the Wyr Division of Violent Crime in New York City. He is large and menacing and completely overwhelms delicate chameleon shifter Alice Clark when the couple first meets. Destined to be mated, Alice and Gideon must not only navigate the compelling need they have for each other, but also work together to uncover the deadly killer who stalks Alice.

Fans of the growing series will not want to miss out on getting to meet these Wyr creatures and for readers who haven't had the chance to pick up Harrison's series, "True Colors" is a great place to start. After finishing the story, readers will more than likely want to further immerse themselves into the Wyr world, so I have picked out a few pieces to continue the wonder that is the Elder Races series with quotes from "True Colors" as my inspiration. Enjoy! 


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