Get Ready For The Saucy Sirens Through History Party At The RT Booklovers Convention!

Author Amanda McIntyre chats about one of the parties she can't wait to attend at this year's RT Booklovers Convention in LA from April 6th - 10th. 

Hi Booklovers!

Amanda McIntyre here and I hope everyone is ready for what is going to be one of the best RT Booklovers Conventions ever! So much detail and care has gone into making this year’s premiere readers and writers convention an event to remember. Not only is it being held at the luxurious Westin Bonaventure Hotel, but the lineup of authors and social events is over the top this year. My thanks to RT for featuring a couple of the parties that I am thrilled to be co-hosting this year with some talented, terrific and enthusiastic authors! 

Starting out the week is Saucy Sirens Through History! Hosted by a few returning historical authors from last year's wildly successful Midnight Mad Hatter Tea Party, we've this year added some new historical faces to the group and it promises to be even more fun. And when I say--historical--you'll see what I mean when you hear about the fun we have planned.

You can't have an RT Booklovers Convention in 'tinsel town' without celebrating those lovely sirens of stage, screen, history and books! So your host authors thought it would be fun to dress up as THEIR favorite SIRENS--portraying those  'saucy' women who set fire to the hearts of their heroes, tormenting them with unrivaled beauty and unmatched brains (of course). 

This year, our party has been moved from midnight to a longer, and earlier evening time slot, making it a fabulous way to kick off the convention festivities.

We invite guests to join in the fun and come dressed in Hollywood glam as they enter the posh, elegance of old-style Hollywood. A sumptuous cheese and fruit buffet await our guests, including sparkling champagne and homemade exotic truffles! Yum! (Flown in expressly for this event!)

To add to the fun, the first 250 guests will receive a special goodie bag stuffed with a wonderful array of books and gifts from your event hosts and we will again be having a special game for all to participate in called, "Match the Stars!".  Each guest will be given a card and by visiting each host's station, you are to match up the author with the "saucy siren" she is dressed as. Identities' of these characters have been kept a closely guarded secret, but let me tell you they authors have spared no expense at donning themselves in grand style to get into character!

Turn in your card and if it matches correctly-it goes into a pot to be drawn to win FOUR mega Grand Prizes of specially chosen lovely and unique gifts and swag by the author hosts!! 

Bring your books to be signed, chat with your fav authors, win prizes and take home free swag as we celebrate vintage Hollywood in grand style at Saucy Sirens Through History!

Amanda McIntyre

The Event Details:

Where: At the RT Booklovers Convention

When: Wednesday April 6, 2011 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

What: An awesome reader appreciation party

Who: Readers, people in the industry and your siren hosts: Sahara Kelly, Sabrina Jeffries, Heather Graham aka Shannon Drake, Gennella DeGrey, Kristi Cook aka Kristi Astor, Renee Bernard, Zoe Archer, Victoria Alexander, Trish Albright, Kaitlin O'Riley, Sharon Page, Amanda Mcintyre, Kieran Kramer, Sally MacKenzie, Mia Marlowe and Bobbi Smith

Here is a siren hanging out with her "mate"
during one of last year's parties!

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