Get Ready For Some Amazing Sci Fi And Fantasy Projects From The Syfy Network

It’s not secret that the television airwaves have recently been flooded with some outstanding science fiction and fantasy programming. And the success of HBO’s Game of Thrones and AMC’s Walking Dead have proven that sci fi and fantasy novels are worthy of being considered for TV series adaptations. So we weren’t surprised to learn that there are several more fantastic projects coming down the pipeline - this time from the Syfy Network.

This cable channel is hopping on the book-to-TV bandwagon with six new literary-related projects all expected to air in 2013. According to Syfy’s press release, viewers can expect to see a book series, short story, two stand-alone novels and two comic series transformed into TV shows. With more than a few talented producers and writers on board, we suspect longtime sci fi fans and genre newbies will be enjoying these promising programs and here’s why ...

In a similar vein as George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, Stephen King’s medieval fantasy The Eyes of the Dragon is currently being scripted for a show by the same name. The novel follows a wicked magician as he attempts to overthrow the kingdom’s current king to steal the throne. With plenty of bloodshed and treachery, a writer from the TV-adaptation of King’s The Dead Zone and the producer of the mini-series adaptation of King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes short story collection, we have a feeling the televised version of The Eyes of the Dragon will stay true to King’s work and satisfy fans of Game of Thrones.

John Christopher’s sci fi YA novel The Lotus Cave is the inspiration for Syfy’s upcoming space thriller High Moon. This futuristic tale explores the Earth’s colonization of the moon, but when humans discover a new lunar life form, the secrets of the alien species could be dangerous. This new series is being spearheaded by producers from Pushing Daisies and sounds like a must-watch program for fans of Babylon 5 and Battlestar Gallactica.

The network will also be bringing new life to Philip K. Dick’s classic sci fi short story, “Adjustment Team” with the upcoming drama The Adjustment Bureau. (If the name sounds familiar, it’s supposed to! Dick’s short story was adapted for film in the 2011 flick starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.) The Syfy show will follow two angels whose job is to make sure the world goes according to plan, and make adjustments in people’s lives in order to ensure that everything goes on according to fate. This type of casual manipulation to solidify a desired outcome (and, you know, keep the world from ending) reminds us of the current Joss Whedon film in theaters, The Cabin in the Woods.

Not one, but two comic-to-TV adaptations are also in the works. The currently untitled “Booster Gold” project will be based on the DC comic series of the same name. The television series will star (literally) the futuristic Justice League superhero, Booster Gold, a materialistic athlete-turned-superhero who would rather go after fame than stop crime. With writers from Syfy’s Warehouse 13 on board, this project sounds like a cross between Entourage and the 2011 show Alphas.

Additionally, Syfy's upcoming show Seeing Things is based on the comic Grey Legion, which created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. Rosenberg will also have a hand in the TV adaptation, so we are particularly interested to see how this adaptation plays out. The show will follow a deceased cop who returns from the grave to finish his last case, with the help of a quirky medium who can connect with the dead. Our prediction? Seeing Things will be a hit with fans of Medium and A Gifted Man.

Last but not least is the adaptation we are most excited for, Syfy’s take on Charlaine Harris’ Harper Connelly Mysteries. The books will become the show Grave Sight, named after the series’ first book, which was published back in 2005 and won that year’s RT Reviewers’ Choice Award in the Amateur Sleuth category. Harper Connelly is a young woman who was struck by lightning as a teen, which gave her the power to sense the location of dead bodies and know how they died. The TV adaptation will focus on Harper and her stepbrother Tolliver Lang’s hunt for the truth behind a young girl’s death and using sometimes otherworldly tools to get their answers. With such an intriguing premise, we’re hoping Syfy chooses equally fresh new talent to play Harper and Tolliver!

It’s worth noting that the in addition to the aforementioned shows inspired by books, Syfy is also working on a slew of other unique programs that we think will be home runs with sci fi fans. The three that our at the top of our list are Defiance, Darkfall and Rewind. The first will be released in conjunction with a MMO video game and depict a war between aliens and humans after Earth’s invasion. The second, Darkfall, will be produced by The Jim Henson Company and explore a world in which modern technology is suddenly replaced with magic. And finally Rewind is almost Terra Nova-sounding, as military ops must travel back in time to prevent a catastrophic future disaster from occurring.

Want more? You can see a full list and description of upcoming Syfy shows in the works here. And keep your eyes on RT’s Everything Science Fiction and Fantasy Page for all the latest genre news and reviews!