GiGi Gunn on Cheaters

"Never Been To Me is by turns gut wrenching and heart warming”, says RT Reviewer Kate Girard. This latest contemporary romance from author GiGi Gunn follows heroine Persi as she transitions from “the other woman” to someone’s only woman. It's unusual to write about cheaters as the heroes and heroines of a romance novel, so we went right to the author to learn why she took on this challenge and get the heroine's take on the five signs a man is wrong (or right) for you. And don’t miss the excerpt and *Web Exclusive Review* of Never Been To Me at the end of this post.

As an author I’m always exploring a new spin on old concepts. I’d written about cheaters before; in Cajun Moon, Roux cheated on Sassy. In Rainbow’s End, Caleb Walker dropped his ladylove because he thought she was married and in Living Inside Your Love, Georgia felt as if she was cheating on her dead fiancé with new-love Jared Jaymes. A woman who cheats is stereotyped as a pitiful low-moral, low-self esteem having female contented with leftovers from her lover’s table—a female who thankfully accepts a man offering her second best plus anything else she thinks she can get from him—like money, cars, clothes, trips, to leave his wife etc. So I decided to make Persi an educated woman with her own house, car and business, who volunteers at a soup kitchen and lives by the 10 Commandments save one.

The question for me, Nick and Doxie is why? Why does this woman choose to be relegated to second or third best? So in constructing Brad, there had to be a compelling reason for Persi to cast her moral upbringing and code of conduct to the wind. We all see Brad for the jerk he is but to Persi he represents everything she thinks she wants in a man; Educated from an educated, well-connected family that even if he falters, she and her children would benefit from being a “Shelton.” Add to this seductive mix the crush she had on him in high school when he didn’t know she was alive…and you have good common sense going out the window. Even when Persi questions why she stays with him, she feels a false security; that when he holds her in his arms she is a teenager again. Her mother is still alive, her father is reading the paper, her sister is on the phone and her life is good and whole and complete again. 

Persi’s Five Signs a Man is All Wrong For You (besides his living in his mama’s basement)

1) If a man is “attached” in any way, shape or form and still approaches you—run.
2) If a man does not feed your spirit or nourish your soul and does not consider your input in major decisions.
3) If you don’t like who you are when you are with him.
4) If a man does not respect or accept you for who you are; if he doesn’t “get you.”
5) If he lies--out right or by omission, or cheats; signals he’s immature, cannot be trusted and has no respect for himself or you.

Persi’s Five Signs a Man is All Right For You (besides the basic chemistry)

1) If you two have shared goals, values and morals and you are a priority in his life.
2) If you share mutual respect, good communication and friendship slowly built.
3) If he not only supports and inspires you, but makes you feel good about your endeavors and interests.
4) You trust him because he’s honest and has never given you a reason not to.
5) If being with him is comfortable and easy and he makes you laugh; you miss him when he’s away and can’t get enough of him when he’s near. You smile at the sight or thought of him.

If so, he may be the one--Enjoy!

- Gigi Gunn

You can read an EXCERPT and the *Web Exclusive Review* of Never Been To Me and then go pick up your own copy of the novel in stores now!