Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl Will Be Found In A Theater Near You

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn immediately got our attention in June. This creepy psychological mystery won the June 2012 RT Seal of Excellence. We couldn’t get enough of this read, and we weren’t the only ones. This deeply disturbing tale shot up the bestseller lists and has already been getting some serious award buzz. So it is no surprise to hear that Gone Girl has just been scooped up for a film adaptation.

The story unfolds around married couple Amy and Nick. They’ve recently relocated from New York City to the middle of the country in a move that Amy is none too happy about. But when, on the day of the couple’s fifth anniversary, the young wife goes missing — is it a simple kidnapping or something much more foul?

20th Century Fox reportedly spent seven figures to acquire the rights to turn Flynn’s mystery into a movie. That kind of serious money behind this adaptation can only mean one thing — a fast track to theaters. And readers worried that the big screen version won't live up to the book can breathe a deep sigh of relief because the author has already signed on to write the screenplay herself. Another notable name attached to the adaptation is actress and producer Reese Witherspoon. (However, there’s no word yet on if she plans to star as the mysterious missing Amy.)

With its cast of not-quite likable characters that kept us guessing right up to the very end, we had a very fun time creating our dream cast.

Protagonist Nick who may be a killer? RT staffers easily agreed that although Bradley Cooper may have to die his hair darker to truly become Nick, he’s already got Nick’s signature frat guy good looks. Plus he may be evil or he may be a grieving husband, but either way he will look darn good as the prime suspect.

We’d love to see Gillian Jacobs play the part of Amy. This Community star could easily transform herself into the rich, pampered daughter of two psychologists-turned-childrens’ book authors. We think that she could step into the awkward shoes of the real life inspiration for her parents fiction success with considerable aplomb — and walk the line between unknowable and supremely likable all at once. (Although that’s of course if Witherspoon doesn’t decide to step up to the role.)

Finally, for the role of Nick’s beloved twin sister, Go — who happens to hate Amy with a passion — we’d call in Carey Mulligan. The actress lacks the Betty Boop, kewpie doll quality that Go (aka Margo) is described as having. However, Mulligan certainly calls to mind old screen star elegance. Furthermore, Go may be the only person readers like, so it’s important that she be played by someone we automatically gravitate toward.

Now, we can’t cast anyone else without drastically spoilerizing, but we promise to let you know as soon as more news about this project is released. And for more film adaptation and TV updates, be sure to check out our monthly column From Page To Screen!