Ginger Heroes In Historical Romance

Ah, gingers. Love 'em or hate 'em, there's something to be a said about all the red-headed heroes we've been noticing in historical romance lately. After seeing this delicious photo of actor Sam Heughan playing Jamie Fraser from the Outlander TV adaptation, we've definitely got redheads on the brain. And, to be honest, our ginger appreciation might have something to do with Prince Harry. We mean:

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Hard to resist, right? We thought so. Paired with rakish charm, you can't help but love a ginger gent. If you're looking for historical romances featuring hunky red-headed heroes, below are some of our favorites from the past year or so.


A Lady Never Lies by Juliana Gray was called "a story that feeds readers’ hearts, minds and souls and captures the spirit of the era, the beauty of the countryside and the magic of love," by Senior Reviewer Kathe Robin. The tale also won our Seal Excellence Award for August 2012, winning over RT Editors' hearts as well. Hero Phineas "Finn" Burke is a nerdy inventor and automotive scientist trying to innovate his horseless carriage, and meets Lady Alexandra Morley when they both stay at the same Italian inn. A smart, sexy redheaded man? Yes, please!

Sarah MacLean's One Good Earl Deserves A Lover also features a brainy ginger, mathematician and gambling den owner Cross, who is transfixed by heroine Pippa's own intellect and helps her with "lessons" in temptation to prepare her for marriage. Robin says of this one, "the added sexual tension provided by lessons in temptation provides readers with a delectable read."

Eileen Dreyer's hero in Once A Rake is a bit more brawn than brains. An injured soldier who's washed ashore after being shot at sea, Colonel Ian Ferguson finds refuge in the home of Lady Sarah Clarke, a nobleman's illegitimate daughter who nurses him back to health. Robin says this story is packed with "action/adventure, dark secrets, vicious spies, tenderness, compassion and deep love … "

Jennifer Ashley is certainly a fan of copper-haired men, as all of her Mackenzie heroes are all redheads, including her latest leading man in The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie. Robin says the latest in Ashley's series is an " ... unforgettable romance with memorable characters." Devilish Daniel Mackenzie is all trouble until he meets renowned spiritual medium Violet Bastien, a woman afraid of intimacy because of her troubled past. When she flees, it's up to Daniel to find her and win her over.

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