Girls, Interrupted: Heroines In November’s Inspirational Books

The best-laid schemes of mice and men,
Often go awry.
- Robert Burns

Everyone loves a take-charge heroine, especially a lady with a plan. However, despite careful plotting, the characters in November’s inspirational fiction are thwarted over and over again. Today we look at several of the schemes that these ladies concoct to get themselves out of trouble. Unfortunately for them, even the most well thought out strategy can fail as not everything goes according to plan ...


The book: Queen of the Waves by Janice Thompson

The heroine: Tessa Bowen

Her problem: Poverty stricken and living under the thumb of an abusive father, Tessa is in desperate need to escape her dreary life.

Her plan: Taking the place of a rich socialite, Tessa flees England by sailing away on the Titanic during the ship’s maiden voyage.

Odds of success: Fair. Sure Tessa made the mistake of boarding a doomed ship, but dressing up in fancy clothing and hobnobbing with rich and influential people almost, almost makes up for the dunking that is destined to come her way. 


The book: The Breath of Dawn by Kristen Heitzmann

The heroine: Quinn Reilly

Her problem: In an act of extreme bravery, Quinn helped put a dangerous criminal behind bars, but now he is free and she fears for her life.

Her plan: Quinn decides to enter a marriage of convenience with widower Morgan Spencer in order to hide her identity and stay one step ahead of her tormentor.

Odds of success: Slim to none. While we applaud Quinn for her dedication at crafting a new identity, bringing other people into her situation only gives the enemy more targets. With Morgan and his infant daughter, Olivia, put in the crosshairs, Quinn is more vulnerable than ever.


The book: Nowhere to Run by Amy Wallace

The heroine: Ashley Walters

Her problem: There is an unknown threat that has put Ashley’s loved ones in danger, and not even her position as a police officer can keep her fiancée safe.

Her plan: Laying low is the order of the day, so Ashley travels to Shipshewana, Indiana to stay with Mennonite friends.

Odds of success: Excellent! By adapting to a slower way of life, Ashley has time to re-prioritize and reconnect with God. It is through this guidance that she finds the strength to face the evil that stalks her.


The book: A Wedding Renewal In Sweetwater, Texas by Kim O’Brien

The heroine: Sylvia

Her problem: With her ten year anniversary fast approaching, Sylvia feels that something is missing from her marriage.

Her plan: Sylvia thinks that by making herself over in the image of the wife described in Proverbs 31 she will get her husband Wilson’s attention.

Odds of success: Good. Staying true to yourself is always a valuable lesson and if Sylvia needs to adopt a role to find out that her husband loves her for who she is, then this is a small price to pay in order to be reminded of her own value.


The book: A Change of Fortune by Jen Turano

The heroine: Lady Eliza Sumner

Her problem: Lady Eliza may not be able to get back her deceased father, but she can definitely work at recovering his fortune that is rightfully hers.

Her plan: Pretending to be a governess, Eliza travels to America where a series of humorous misfortunes derail her attempts to regain her wealth.

Odds of success: Let’s just say that Eliza would have more success if she had a better disguise than faulty padding that tends to fall off at the most unfortunate times ...


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