At A Glance: The Harlequin Medical Romances Of April

If you can't get enough medical drama mixed into your series romances, this month's new releases from Harlequin’s Medical Romance imprint are sure to satisfy.

This month RT Reviewers' Choice Award-nominated author Fiona Lowe adds a new tale to the SHH series with Sydney Harbor Hospital: Tom's Redemption. When this head of neurosurgery looses his eyesight, can nurse Hayley Grey convince him that he's still worthy of love?

Author Fiona McArthur introduces readers to heroine Carmen O'Shannessy, who agrees to be the midwife for a royal family only to discover that she's Falling for the Sheikh She Shouldn't. But we certainly don't fault her because her Prince of Zafar sounds absolutely sinful!

Meanwhile, we don't know what The Nurse's Not-So-Secret Scandal is in the new Wendy S. Marcus novel, but we do know that Roxie is worried that it's going to ruin her chances with her new co-worker Ryan "Fig" Figelstein.

And will you be attending Georgie's Big Greek Wedding? We are all wondering what's going to happen to the newest heroine from Emily Forbes (the pseudonym of two Australian sisters who co-write), this paramedic tries to pull a fast one on her visiting family, only to end up alter-bound for real!

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