Go Behind The Scenes of Black Heart Loa With Adrian Phoenix

Today we get an insider's look at Adrian Phoenix's Black Heart Loa with this mini-interview about the author's urban fantasy series. And then be sure to check out the first posting in Adrian Phoenix's Chapter Hunt to get an exclusive look at the first chapter of Black Heart Loa as it is released in four segments over the course of this week!


Black Heart Loa is a sequel to Black Dust Mambo. For readers new to the series, can you give us a three sentence wrap-up of "the story so far"?

You bet! In Black Dust Mambo, After unraveling the mystery behind her family history, a mystery that had drawn the deadly attention of the infamous Doctor Heron and nearly cost Kallie her life and her soul, she ended the root doctor's life with the help of sexy nomad (and winner of the carnival's wet boxers contest) Layne Valin, Kallie believed her family was safe at last. But before Kallie could catch a breath or even spend a little time in Layne's arms, she discovered that her bayou pirate cousin and his dog were missing and realized that Doctor Heron's dark revenge hadn't died with him. Now, there is nothing Kallie won't do to find her cousin and bring him home again.

In Black Heart Loa Kallie is sharing her body with a loa spirit, trying to avert a level five hurricane and attempting to locate her missing cousin. Kallie has a lot of "save the world" skills, so we are dying to know (and hopefully make ourselves feel a little bit better, in the process) what is something that Kallie isn't good at?

Kallie has a bit of a temper (and her fist tends to end up in other people's noses). As her best friend Belladonna said in Black Dust Mambo:

"Girl, you need to learn to use words, not your fists to answer questions. Did you count to ten?"

"Of course," Kallie lied.

And the fine art of social grace eludes the wild, bayou-bred Kallie too.

"Thanks," Kallie said, lying back down and flipping the cloth back over her eyes.

Dallas stared. "Did you just say . . . Bell, did she just say . . . thanks?"


"Okay, now I'm worried."

Your heroine, Kallie, has been learning hoodoo. What is the one rule that would really help her out — if only she could learn to abide by it?

Yup, one that her hoodoo mentor (and aunt) has told her more that once, often accompanied with a thwack to the back of the head: "Listen to yo' aunt, girl. Or I'll keep thumping yo' know-it-all skull until you do."

Kallie has teamed up with the handsome nomad Layne, who is full of secrets. If we promise not to tell anyone, will you share one detail from his past that not even Kallie knows?

Shhh. We'll keep this just between us. Nomads are a pagan blend of Gypsy and outlaw biker, so it's pretty common for them to run cons on outsiders. Layne and his older sister once ran a con that fizzled out due to a mark's unexpected honesty. A first. A fact Layne and his sister shared a happy laugh over--honesty, who knew? But what Layne didn't know was that other marks in the con had followed him--a moment of carelessness that cost his sister her life and Layne nearly his own.


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