Go In-Depth With July's Seal of Excellence Winner: Kate Racculia

Debut author Kate Racculia is the recipient of RT's July Seal of Excellence for her novel, This Must Be The Place. Now the author sits down with RT's Whitney Sullivan to discuss the novel that begins as a tale about a grieving widower but becomes something entirely more complex. The pair chat about Racculia's background in art, the parent-child relationship she found most challenging to write, what we can expect next from this bright new talent and much more!

Whitney SullivanThis Must Be The Place begins from Arthur's perspective but by the middle of the story it is clear that he shares the story with three other equally "main" characters, Mona, Oneida and Eugene. How did you balance having four protagonists all vying for attention?


Kate Racculia: I set out to write a novel like a collage, with characters and plots and mysteries all overlapping—but I’m a compulsive organizer, so there had to be method to the madness. For the most part, there are an equal, alternating number of chapters from each main character’s perspective: Oneida and Arthur in the first and third sections of the book, Eugene and Mona in the middle. Outlining the book with such an even structure was also a helpful first-time novelist trick. I always knew whose point of view was coming up and which immediate direction the story was heading.


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