Grand Central Publishing Launches Forever Romance Digital Imprint

Ladies and gentlemen, make space on your e-readers. Grand Central Publishing will kick off their new line of digital books in February. The imprint, Forever Yours, will be made up of new titles and books from the backlist of the company’s popular romance line, Forever. The new program will be similar to the Berkley/NAL just-launched InterMix e-imprint.

Forever’s editorial director Amy Pierpont, will head the new imprint. Publisher’s Weekly reported that Pierpont said of the new endeavor, “With the growth of the e-book market, and the success of romance e-books, which always top the e-book bestseller charts, this is a tremendous opportunity for authors and readers.”

As of the line’s February start date, readers can expect two to four Forever Yours e-books each month. They will be priced at 99 cents and up. For their first month Forever Yours will publish two 99-cent tales, a novella and a prequel, both from historical romance authors. They are also planning to re-publish their popular e-books in traditional format farther down the line.

Forever Yours first new e-novella comes from Jennifer Haymore, and is part of the author’s popular Donovan series. “Once Upon a Wicked Night” features Olivia Donovan, the younger sister of Serena from 2011’s Confessions of an Improper Bride. At the annual ball held by the Dowager Duchess of Clayworth, the same annual party where Serena’s reputation was ruined seven years ago, Olivia must outwit a rake of the highest order who wants more than the young woman is willing to give.

The second e-novella is “Ember” by new author Kristen Callihan. “Ember” is a prequel to Callihan’s full-length debut, this February’s Gothic historical romance Firelight. Ember introduces readers to Firelight’s heroine and hero, Miranda, and the shadowy man that she’s attracted, Lord Benjamin Archer. Not only did Firelight receive an RT Top Pick!, the novel is also in contention for next month’s RT Seal of Excellence. Firelight won high praise from RT’s Senior Reviewer Kathe Robin who says, “Like moths to a flame, readers will be drawn to the flickering Firelight and get entangled in the first of the Dark London series. Combining Stephen King’s Carrie and Beauty and the Beast, Callihan crafts a taut tale filled with sexual tension. This is one of the finest debuts of the season.”

Aspiring authors should also take note of this new digital endeavor because Forever Yours is currently accepting submissions. Whether you have a novella (10,000 to 50,000 words) or a novel that is under 100,000 words, they are interested in hearing from you at

Whether you are a reader or an author it appears that Forever Yours has something for everyone! What do you think? Will you be keeping your eyes open for the Forever Yours e-books?