Guest Blogger Miss Foolish Heart Gives Relationship Advice

Today RT BOOK REVIEWS is pleased to welcome guest blogger Isadora Presley, the heroine of Susan May Warren's inspirational contemporary romance My Foolish Heart. Isadora is the hostess of "My Foolish Heart" late night talk show she hosts as Miss Foolish Heart, which can be heard on internet radio stations from 9pm – midnight every Monday through Saturday night. Welcome Issy!


Dear Late Night Lovelorn,

Many of you have written with letters of broken hearts. RT BOOK REVIEWS has graciously allowed me to post a letter, and my reply here. May you find answer to your hearts deepest questions. And remember, your perfect romance may be right next door! 


Dear Miss Foolish Heart,

Can a woman fall in love again with the man who broke her heart? Two weeks ago, my past walked back into my life. I live in a small town in Minnesota, the same town I grew up in, and run my parent’s donut shop. Ten years after graduation, it’s not quite the happily ever after I thought I would have, especially since my donut shop has been through some hard economic times, but I love my small town, even though there is a shortage of eligible bachelors. Actually, the real problem is that I fell in love in high school with the only boy I ever wanted. He was the football quarterback, a real star and I thought we would get married and be together forever. Until I found him parking with another girl. My heart was broken and I haven’t dated since. Then, two weeks ago during our summer fisherman’s picnic, the Quarterback returned to town. He’d left after graduation, went to play college football and never looked back. I know he’s had some tough times, too, but I never thought he’d return to Deep Haven. Or that my heart would instantly feel the wounds of his betrayal. Worse, I need help securing a loan and our local banker asked him to help me – apparently he has some sort of experience running companies. I met with him once, and that was all it took to find myself lost in his smile, lost in those amazing eyes. He even rescued me from a crazy dog and being in his arms again just felt…right. 

Or is it wrong? He seems changed, and sorry for breaking my heart. But can I trust him? How can I fall in love again with a man who left me so wounded? 

The Donut Girl with a hole in her heart

Dear Donut Girl,

I don’t think it’s a matter of falling in love with him again – you already are. Your letter indicates that you’ve never truly gotten over the Quarterback. A better question is, should you trust him with your heart again? Standard Miss Foolish Heart advice would be to take out your top ten list for a perfect man and see if he qualifies. To give it time to let his true character be revealed, and to refrain from saying the “L” word. But that doesn’t guarantee he won’t break your heart, because love isn’t about guarantees. It’s not about protecting ourselves from wounds, or even waiting until the right one proves himself. Love is foolish, and it gives without expectation. Love believes in the unbelievable, trusts the untrustworthy and hopes when all is lost. Love is messy and often painful. But perfect love, above all things, is the one thing that is pure and good and worth giving. 

So my question to you is…are you ready to love this man who hurt you? Can you give your heart away, knowing that for sure he will hurt it, even if he doesn’t intend to? Is loving this man worth the cost? Only you have the answer.

Miss Foolish Heart

For more about what happens to Miss Foolish Heart, and what happens when she finds her perfect romance over the airwaves (as well as the continuing adventures of the Quarterback and the Donut Girl) you can visit this website or pick up your own copy of My Foolish Heartin stores now!