Hanna Martine's New Magic-Slinging Character Shares Intraoffice Memos

With her debut novel Liquid Lies, Hanna Martine is poised to make a huge splash with her hot, steamy tale of a water elemental who craves the one thing she shouldn’t—a human man. Not only does Gwen Carraway possess the skill of turning her body into water, but she has the ability to pick up languages in an instant—a skill that makes her indispensable to the family business now that Mendacia has gone global. But considering that their business involves selling a bit of magic to the primaries, a.k.a. humans, some dealings are more dangerous than others. And although Gwen would prefer to handle matters on her own, without her father or the help of the man he wants her to marry, she’s aware that their product may attract the most unsavory of men. Today, Gwen has started an email chain to discuss their next deal. Little does she know that she's about to find herself in hot water—and she's about to meet the one man who'll show her what it really means to melt into a puddle.



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