Happy Birthday Georgette Heyer E-Book Sale!

This week marks the 109 birthday of author Georgette Heyer. Although almost four decades have passed since her death, the English author remains beloved around the world for her brilliant and intriguing novels. She is undeniably one of the foremost trailblazers of the romance genre. Heyer is best known for her historical romances and mysteries, but she also wrote contemporaries, historical fiction and short stories.

To honor her amazing talent we've come up with a list of three facts that all readers should know about her:

1) Heyer published her first novel The Black Moth in the year 1921 — when she was just 19 years old!

2) Heyer was always lauded for her historical accuracy, and wrote with incredible historical detail even while she and her husband were living in Africa and Macedonia. Once they returned to England she published a mystery and a historical romance each year between 1934 and 1941

3) Heyer wrote up until her death in 1974. Her final book My Lord John was published posthumously — she had intended it to be the start of a new trilogy. She wrote for over five decades and during that time published fifty-six full-length novels and several more short stories.

We aren't the only ones remembering Georgette Heyer this week. Sourcebooks has put its collection of 46 Georgette Heyer novels on sale for $1.99 each through Sunday, August 21. That means that readers can enjoy the chance to inexpensively acquire a library of Heyer e-reads and even Georgette Heyer's Regency World by Jennifer Kloester! We know that that's a lot of Heyer to peruse through so in order to help you get started, RT's Whitney has highlighted her top picks from across the genres of this author's fabulous works. 

Historical Romance

The Devil's Cub

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Footsteps in the Dark

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Historical Fiction

The Spanish Bride

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You can see a complete list of the Heyer titles on sale by clicking here and for more e-book coverage be sure to visit our Everything E-book Page.