Happy Holidays From RT!

Dear Readers,

The holiday celebration came a little early as the RT staff gathered at a local Italian restaurant for our annual Christmas lunch — which was amazing. The food was plentiful and the conversation flowed as we all chatted about anything but work over delicious pasta and Italian wine.

Now we’re all off in different directions getting on planes, buses and trains on our way to visit family and will be off for the long holiday weekend. We’ll be back on Monday with more great content on the blog and throughout the website. In the meantime, feel free to respond to blog entries, enter contests, vote for the best back cover blurb in our Writing with the Stars competition and, of course, write a review and share your opinion of books you’ve recently read.

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe holiday! 

- Carol Stacy, Publisher

(Left Side) Forward to back

Giselle Hirtenfeld/Goldfeder, Advertising/Marketing Coordinator; Faygie Levy, Executive Editor; Whitney Kate Sullivan, Web Assistant Editor; Nancy Collazo, Office Manager; Feliz Bagriyanik 

(Right Side) Forward to back

Elissa Petruzzi, Senior Editor; Stephanie Klose, Senior Editor & Reviews Coordinator; Vicki Beerman, Art Director; Liz French, Managing Editor; Kate Ryan, Bookstores That Care Network Coordinator; Karl Kablisk, Webmaster; Peter Wiegand, Production & Ad Design

Back center

Carol Stacy, Publisher & Internet Director

(Not pictured Morgan Doremus, Web Editor and Diana Tedesco, Customer Service Representative)