Happy Thanksgiving from the RT staff!

The next four days will be full of family and friends, turkey (or tofurky) and leftovers, holiday shopping and, of course, time spent  relaxing and reading. No matter if we are enjoying an old favorite or testing the waters of a new author, the holiday has all of us looking forward to a spending some time deep in a good book. Here's a look at some of the titles we will be diving into this weekend!


After the Thanksgiving turkey, the Black Friday shopping and errands I'll be reading Zoe Archer's Warrior­ though maybe that's what I should read before braving the Black Friday crowds! Anyway, I've heard fantastic things about Zoe's series and I'm eager to give it a try. I'm also hoping to read a Silhouette Romantic Suspense title by Kimberly Van Meter that's been sitting on my bookshelf for a while.

- Faygie Levy, Executive Editor



Right now I'm reading and enjoying two very divergent books: Little, Brown's September title, Room, by Emma Donoghue, a chilling child's-eye view of life in one small room with Ma; and Five Spot's February title, The Secret Lives of Dresses by Erin McKean.
When the intensity of Room gets to be too much--I swear I've been reading the book through my fingers--I switch to McKean's fiction debut, which is about family ties, love and vintage clothes. McKean is a dictionary person and a blogger; I've been following her A Dress a Day blog for years. The blog features a section titled, "secret lives of dresses," which McKean has cleverly expanded into her book. While it's lighter fare than Room, Secret Lives still packs an emotional punch. There's a family emergency (and some family secrets), a small town, a cute contractor and a young woman who's finding her way, but the best part of the book is the dresses' stories. I'll be reviewing the book in RT's February issue.

- Liz French, Managing Editor


I've been rereading Anne Perry's William Monk series lately, about Crimean nurse Hester Lattery and the eponymous private investigator, who lost his memory in an accident and has to solve the mystery of who he is along with the murders and burglaries and other crimes that land at his feet. The books are pure comfort reading, the equivalent of whisky-laced hot chocolate in bed. I expect to finish Cain His Brother in the next couple of days and move on to Weighed in the Balance.
And because truth is so often wilder than fiction, I'm thoroughly enjoying The Bolter, Frances Osborn's biography of her aristocratic and scandalous great-grandmother, Lady Idina Sackville.

- Stephanie Klose, Senior Editor and Reviews Coordinator 



I am currently enjoying Suzanne Enoch's Rules of an Engagement. This shipboard romance came as a delightful surprise as Rules calls to mind the high-seas adventures of early Julie Garwood tales. This one is definitely a keeper!

And because I am spending my Thanksgiving back in my childhood home, I've packed two YA reads to keep me company. I am looking forward to rereading The Duff by Kody Keplinger, before passing it along to my sisters. And I will also be enjoying the antics of teenage Bryn as she tries to act like an average teen despite being Raised by Wolves in this series starter from Jennifer Lynn Barnes!

- Whitney Sullivan, Assistant Web Editor


We want to know, what books are you looking forward to reading this Thanksgiving?