Harlequin Visits The Bachelor And We Have The Photos To Prove It!

A group of single woman vying for the love of one smart, successful and downright delicious man — what's not to love about the ABC hit reality show The Bachelor? But if you needed another reason to tune in to last night's episode (other than Bachelor Sean's often-shown pecs) then how about a fun romance novel photo shoot?

While on their "group date" with Sean, the women of The Bachelor got gussied up in some seriously awesome costumes to participate in a photo shoot with the first name in romance — Harlequin Books. Sean was, of course, present in all of the photos looking like the mean, lean hunk that he is. And during the evening, he had his hands full as he dipped, kissed and carried ladies dressed up as cowgirls, 19th-century misses, vampires and more.

The prize for the best looking lady, in addition to spending time in Sean's arms, was the opportunity to model for three upcoming Harlequin covers. Below, check out some runners-up as well as the night's winning photo and then get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of the shoot with Margie Miller, Harlequin's Creative Director.  

Runner Up: Bachelorette Selma looking like the perfect lady to grace the cover of a Harlequin Historical

Runner Up: Bachelorette Taryn ready to bite her way onto a Harlequin Nocturne cover

Runner Up: Bachelorette Lesley knocking Sean off of his feet with a look that would be perfect for a Harlequin American Romance

THE WINNER: The smoldering bachelorette Kristy is all glammed up, perhaps for a Harlequin Blaze title?

Congratulations to Kristy who took home the prize! We are excited to see your upcoming covers. But in the meantime, we wanted to know more about the process of getting these woman camera ready for Harlequin, so we asked the shoot's director, Harlequin's Margie Miller a bit more about the process.

For Harlequin photo shoots you usually work with professional models. This season the bachelorettes have a wide range of jobs including graphic designer, teacher, journalist and beyond. What was it like walking these ladies through the cover shoot process? 

I was very excited to direct The Bachelor photo shoot. We mostly work with models who have only met ten minutes prior to the shoot and then they have to act like they are in love. This time, we saw the possible beginnings of love; this was a real life scenario and the chemistry was real. It was definitely very different than a typical cover shoot.

These are some pretty great photos taken at the shoot. Would you say this shows that any woman has a bit of a Harlequin heroine inside her? 

That is our hope, that every women is able to relate to and become, if they want, the Harlequin heroine.

The rules stated that the woman with the most "spontaneity, flair and chemistry" with Sean in their photos would win a three book cover model opportunity with Harlequin. Are these the general ingredients you are looking for in a Harlequin heroine?

When looking for cover models, we try to find someone who is aspirational, which can include being beautiful, smart, caring, compassionate and most importantly, open to love. For both our female and male models, it’s critical that they are able to emote on camera — really get into character. So yes, spontaneity, flair and chemistry were what drew me to our cover contest winner.

What can you tell us about the contest winner bachelorette Kristy?  

It’s not surprising that the winner Kristy has modeling experience. Modeling can be a much more difficult job than many assume and I think a lot of the girls learnt that on set. Although our winner is a model in real life, she did a great job of showing us and the camera a real connection with Sean. 

Last year, viewers saw a heartbroken Sean when bachelorette Emily Maynard rejected him. From what you observed during your time spent with Sean and this group of ladies, would you say there is a good possibility that he will get a second chance at love? 

With 13 beautiful, smart and compassionate women in one room all vying for your attention, I think it’s safe to say he has a very good chance at finding love with one of them. The chemistry we witnessed between Sean and some of the women came across as very honest, definitely some beginnings of what could turn into true love.

Margie Miller the Creative Director at Harlequin (left) and Michelle Renaud the Harlequin Brand Representative (center) with Bachelor Sean

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