Harlequin's Series Books Reunites Lovers

This month Harlequin is reuniting lovers in three of its series books. Authors Beth Kery, Kate Walker and Katherine Garbera each take on stories of couples that spent time apart only to find each other again for their happily-ever-afters. Always ready to root for true love, we went to the authors to learn more about what tore these couples apart and how they found their way back together again.


Beth KeryThe Hometown Hero Returns

For me, there is nothing more heart-rending than the theme of lovers who are destined to be together, but who are cleaved apart because of unforeseeable circumstances and tragedy. It’s always so much more satisfying when the couple is reunited, because we know how much they’ve endured. The debut of the Home to Harbor Town series from Harlequin Special Edition, The Hometown Hero Returns, contains the star-crossed lovers theme. It’s also a story about deep family bonds and the power of love to heal old wounds.
The hero and heroine of The Hometown Hero Returns are ripped apart after a catastrophic car crash involving three families. Mari’s parents are killed. Sadly, Marc’s father is at fault. The young lovers are separated by family conflict and strife following the tragedy. Years later, they run into one other and find that old passions are stronger than ever. But will love or family loyalty win out after a history of loss, anger and grief? Check out The Hometown Hero Returns, on sale March 22, and find out. 

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Kate Walker - The Proud Wife

Marina and Pietro married in a rush, early in their relationship, because she was pregnant. They were still in that wildly passionate first stage of love, when you’re blind to everything else. And the baby just seemed like the icing on the cake. But when Marina miscarried, their relationship was tested cruelly. Grief does terrible things to people. Some couples can be drawn together by it, others are torn apart. And because Marina and Pietro didn’t know each other well enough to understand what each of them was going through. It opened up the cracks in their marriage and they didn’t know how to communicate what they were feeling to each other. They still had the burning passion that had brought them together. But passion wasn’t enough to keep them together. In the end, Marina couldn’t take the emptiness any more and she left. And believing separation was what she truly wanted, Pietro let her go.

But two years later, they both know things can’t go on as they are. They’re just treading water, not getting on with their lives. They need to resolve the situation, sort out the mess their marriage has become. And when he hears that Marina seems to have a new man in her life, Pietro seems to have made up his mind – he sends a letter to his wife, summoning her to Sicily to discuss their divorce. Because, obviously, if they don’t have a marriage then they need to divorce – don’t they? But is this a genuine decision or a ploy to get Marina back where they have to face each other – and face the mistakes they made in the past? And when Marina arrives, believing that the one thing she only ever truly wanted – his love – is the one thing Pietro will never give her, she’s totally determined that she won’t take anything else from him. But from their very first meeting, there in the lawyer’s office, it’s so obvious that there is still so much between them – if only they can work through the pain of the past.

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Katherine GarberaReunited...With Child 

In Reunited...With Child Cam Stern fell in lust with Becca Tuttenstall at first sight and couldn't help but sweep her off her feet into a red-hot one week affair but when her business in Miami was over and she told him she love him, Cam couldn't make a commitment to her. His focus was work and he didn't share Becca's emotions. He offered to make her his mistress but she declined and left town. When they meet again at a charity function, Cam's mindset has changed and can't believe he let Becca slip away. But Becca is caring a secret that she never intended to tell Cam after he broke her heart--she had his child. Their son is 18 months old now and as the night goes on, Becca realizes that she might have made a mistake in not telling Cam about his son. As dedicated as he is to business he is also a strong family man with his brothers. Cam wants a chance to start over but Becca's secret makes him angry and instead of wooing her back he forces her to relocate to Miami. Once they are together again Becca starts seeing the beginnings of the family she's always wanted and she wants to make her new living arrangement with Cam permanent.

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You can pick up your own copies of The Hometown Hero Returns, The Proud Wife and Reunited with Child, which are all out this month!