Held Captive: Prisoners In July Historical Romances

Breaking free of past crimes and decisions can do a world of good for a person. Sometimes, it can even lead to love, as illustrated by this month's roundup of enchanting historical reads. This month, we're highlighting the latest releases from a few of your favorite authors and their new characters who find themselves embarking on new paths. Let's take a look:

In Grace Burrowes’s The Captive, Duke of Mercia, Christian Severn, has one thing on his mind: revenge. It’s the only thing keeping him alive while imprisoned in a French stronghold, and his desire to exact revenge against his captors may come true when he finds himself suddenly free. But Gillian, Countess of Greendale, has other plans and tries to persuade him to give up his thirst for revenge to allow his kindness to prevail to provide a better life for his daughter. As Gillian and Christian grow closer, his plans begin to pan out.

Meanwhile, widow Samantha McKay longs to flee to her small cottage in Wales, but first must free herself domineering in-laws who want to lock her away for good. In her escape, she crosses paths with Benedict Harper, who has realized he may have lost the use of his legs. As their journey continues, sparks fly and mutual attraction blooms. It all comes together in The Escape by Mary Balogh.

Last, but not least, is The Secrets of a Scoundrel by Gaelen Foley. In this tale, Lady Virginia Burke needs former agent Lord Nick Forrester to help her find a young woman who’s been abducted by a crime lord. Problem is, Nick is stuck in prison. But when Virginia manages to get him released, Nick is none too pleased to have a woman boss him around, but he agrees to help to avoid being sent back to his cell. As they work together, their attraction to one another grows and soon their desires may be too hot to handle.

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