Henchman Heroes For All! Why Mari Fee's Latest Is A Must-Read

When I came across "How to Date a Henchman" by Mari Fee, you can bet your e-reader I was clicking “Buy” right quick. Here are my top three reasons why you should try this quickie, out now from Carina, too.

1. Short length.

Let’s hear it for the novella. You know what, I feel like outside of erotica and über-haugthy literary fiction, short stories get a bad rap. That’s changing with the advent of the e-reader, and I think it’s a great thing. "How to Date a Henchman" is an adorable, fun read, in part because of its length. Fee’s prose zips along, drawing you quickly into her world and delivering the goods you want, ASAP.

2. Surprising depth.

A short word count doesn’t mean that Fee’s story is shallow or silly in any way. In fact, her superhero world is laden with layers. In just a few short pages, Fee upsets all Gina’s ever known about the world. Just what makes someone a hero, after all? Are we to believe the media’s tidy definition of goodness? Through what lens do we view society — our own, or one presented to us by the media? (I know, that last one’s a big thought to chew on.)

3. Superheroes!

So we’ve got deep thoughts in a short page count. But oh, Fee’s superheroes are a lot of fun. Fee’s world, where superheroes exist right along with us — but never come to Canada because they’ve been outlawed — is a Technicolor universe where dating a henchman seems like an awfully good idea. 

Did Elissa convince you? You can download your own copy of this fabulous novella here. For more out-of-this-world adventures visit our Everything Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Page!