A Heroine To Remember: Vega From Darkling

There are unique heroines in paranormal stories, but certainly one of the more unusual characters has got to be Vega from Em Petrova's recently released erotic romance novella, "Darkling." Vega is a star — that's right, she is literally a celestial being that has chosen to fall to earth. Once here, she is confused, sick and helpless. Thankfully, social worker Niles finds her before she can get into too much trouble. (Well, being together opens the door to a very different type of trouble, the kind they get into together!) New to her body and being around humans, Vega must not only learn to navigate life on Earth, she also must come to terms with her very human feelings for this amazing man who will do anything to help her. Today the author talks about how she crafted this truly unusual heroine and also shares an excerpt from the novella!

In my latest fantasy release, "Darkling", a celestial being falls from her place in the night sky in order to find the precious object she’s dropped — an object necessary to light the newborn stars at an upcoming ceremony. Once named Pollux of Gemini, she is now known as Vega — or fallen star.

Her plummet to Earth presents many challenges, but one of the biggest is her inability to adapt to her new human form. Accustomed to the cool of the night sky, she’s pinned down by the deadly heat of the sun. Her fragile skin cannot take the rays, and she layers herself in rags for protection.

So Niles, the man who finds her, thinks he’s come across a homeless woman. Vega also can’t figure out why her eyes are constantly leaking or why she has to drink gallons of water and run to the bathroom all the time.

This new physical form and the little quirks of Earthlings stun her. But when her sensuality kicks in, she struggles to figure out what to do with the shocking sensations. The mounting pressures between her thighs and in her breasts must surely be the reason that, from her perch in the night sky, she’s seen humans coupling.

When writing this story, I pictured a very disoriented woman, almost like an immigrant stepping off a boat into the ruckus of old New York. The strange languages and the bustle would make the character’s head spin. But one man would take her into his care and root her in a sort of calm until she’s able to cope.

As I worked through the sex scenes, I focused on the elements of surprise. Each kiss is a package to unwrap. Every touch stimulates nerve endings she didn’t know she had. The rich experiences of her fleshly form make her question whether or not she really wants to complete her mission to retrieve the magical object she dropped or stay forever with the man who is obviously her soul mate.

-Em Petrova

Read on for a taste of "Darkling," now available from Ellora’s Cave ...

Turning her face into the soft cotton of his shirt, she drew a deep, gulping breath of his clean scent. An overwhelming urge to touch him scorched low in her belly. She understood little about this body, but knew that fire needed to be sated.

Before she could lose her nerve, she lifted her face, leaned in and pressed her mouth over his. A surge of passion flooded her limbs, making them heavy yet pulsing at once. She wriggled closer, needing more as his scents swirled through her brain.

A low groan sounded from his chest, igniting her further. The sweet pressure between her thighs grew. Instinctively, she angled her head to gain better access to his mouth.

And was shocked when he parted her lips with the point of his tongue. She gasped and he took full advantage, sweeping the recesses of her mouth until her mind whirled.

She looped her arms around his neck and clung to him, mimicking the flipping and stroking movements of his velvety tongue until his muscles vibrated beneath her hands. Against her belly, his cock stiffened. A spike of need captured her. She wanted to see it, touch it. From her vantage point in the night sky, male parts looked hard as stone. But Niles’ didn’t feel that way.

She ran her palm over the flat of his chest, reveling in each dip and swell of muscle. Her body responded by releasing a flood of cream between her thighs. She shifted restlessly to ease it and raised another groan from him.

He plunged his tongue into her mouth again and again, drinking from her almost forcefully. The delightful bruise of his lips set her aflame and she forgot about her need for water or the fact that the sun was trickling through the draperies. The fire inside her would soon consume her if he didn’t touch her.

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