Historical Trends: Scandalous Siblings

Unflinching bravery in the face of great odds is one of the characteristics that normally distinguishes a hero (or heroine) from the crowd. And in historical romances, often this bravery is related to a sacrifice that the main character is willing to make for their lover. But there’s a new trend brewing in May’s historicals: family matters! This month is all about characters who must answer the question: What wouldn’t you do for a sibling?

If your first thought was “oh, brother!” then you are absolutely correct. Several of May’s new romances sport a male sibling in peril. (Thankfully, in a romance novel a bad case of the “brother-related blues” often means that you are on the path to meeting your one true love!)


Too Tempting To Resist

Cara Elliott

The Bro-mergency: A brother’s gambling habit is threatening the family’s fiscal security.

The Sibling Solution: Lady Eliza visits her brother’s favorite haunt, where she makes the acquaintance of her brother’s idol Gryffin, Marquess of Haddan. But when Gryff falls for Eliza, will his new, tamer image inspire her brother to reform?

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A Gentleman Says “I Do”

Amelia Grey

The Bro-mergency: Twin brothers’ family heritage is slandered by the a popular poet.

The Sibling Solution: Iverson decides to seek revenge on Sir Phillip, only to discover that the real author of the despicable, offending poem is the man’s beautiful daughter, Catalina. Will Iverson sacrifice his chance at love in order to get revenge on the woman who has wronged his family?

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Invitation To Scandal

Bronwen Evans

The Bro-mergency: A brother is going to lose the family home.

The Sibling Solution: In order to fix her brother's financial woes, Rheda, takes up smuggling as “Dark Shadow” to make extra money for the family. However, Rheada’s illegal adventure makes her the enemy of the handsome Viscount Strathmore who has come to town to unmask Dark Shadow … if only they weren’t so attracted to each other!

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The White Swan Affair

Elyse Mady

The Bro-mergency: A brother is arrested during a raid on a gay brothel.

The Sibling Solution: To save her sibling, heroine Hester turns to the only man she knows cares nothing for the laws of the land, pirate Thomas. Hester promises to go willingly to Thomas’ bed, if he will help rescue her brother from certain death.

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And just when RT’s Whitney was saying, “Phew, I am glad that I only have sisters and will never have to worry about selling myself to a pirate in order to save someone’s life,” we aren’t done yet. Funny story, sisters aren't safe either these May historicals. Rounding out the selection of sibling shenanigans is this final tale of a wayward sister — and the lengths one hero goes to save her … and win his ladylove’s heart.


Scandal’s Mistress

C.J. Archer

The Sister Scandal: A young woman is seduced and winds up unwed and pregnant.

The Sibling Solution: Hero Leo is determined to unmask the man who ruined his sister’s reputation, and if possible, force the scoundrel to the altar. Leo enlists seamstress Alice’s help in the intrigue, but when the pair grows closer while resolving the scandal Leo wonders if Alice will still love him after she learns that he’s penniless.

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Do these books have you wishing you were (or weren’t) an only child? You can get your historical sibling fix with this May’s new novels and to find out more about recently released romances, be sure to visit RT’s Everything Romance Page!