Holiday Gift Guide: For The Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Fans On Your List

It’s that time of year again, when you’ve got to make a list and check it twice to figure out what you’re going to get your loved ones. But don’t worry, we’re here to help with options for each type of person on your list. Today we bring you our top suggestions of what to get for the hard to gift-to paranormal romance and urban fantasy enthusiast …

Novel Ideas:

The community of paranormal and urban fantasy enthusiasts pretty widely agrees that at some point in our future a zombie takeover will occur. When these undead overlords come to take over it is not a matter of surviving the epidemic, but adapting to their new flesh-eating society. Before the tide turns against the living, arm your loved one with the Zombie Survival Aptitude Test, which will predict who will be able to adapt — and who will just be a casualty during the coming war. (If you think your giftee will score well on the test, then help them kick it up a notch by learning the grave crawling creatures' language with the educational text How To Speak Zombie.)

However, if you want to ring in the holidays with tidings that are a little less grim, we suggest that you gift your loved one some romance of the written variety. Raise their spirits with a special box set from one of the heavy hitters in paranormal romance. This could include Nora Roberts’ Key Trilogy box set, an urban fantasy collection of Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, or the immensely popular J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood box set. Or opt for an audio collection like Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Coffin Box Set that includes three of the author’s Dark-Hunter books.

If e-books are more your loved one’s style, then don’t worry we’ve got you covered with these six sets. Topping our list are Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld Bundle, which features the first four books in the series and Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed Bundle, that includes eight e-books. We also suggest Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan Collection, Kate Douglas’ DemonSlayer Bundle, this two-for-one set of Jade Lee’s DragonBorn books and the Yours for Eternity e-collection with digital reads from Hannah Howell, Kaitlin O’Riley and Alexandra Ivy!

Entertaining Presents:

If your giftee already has a home that's overflowing with books, consider treating your loved one to a supernatural movie night — or a TV marathon — with a few of our favorite paranormal stories told on screen. We love the idea of this Ghost Busters Double Feature set, which comes with a special commemorative book. But for something more nightmare inducing, we've got our eye on the Paranormal Activity collection (featuring movies one, two and three) is sure to induce nightmares. Or gift the first season of a popular television show like True Blood or Supernatural. However, if you really want to secure your loved one's position as the most well-stocked paranormal fan in town, get them the TV series that started it all, the classic Dark Shadows series. (It was just announced that Tim Burton is going to be re-making the franchise, so your loved one will truly be ahead of the curve with the Dark Shadows DVDs.)

Alternatively, you could surprise your giftee with a front-row ticket to the action of an actual paranormal activity. But don't go for any old Hasbro Ouija Board, show how much you care with this special cloth board or this vintage version. You can also pair a board with this fantastic looking scryer. But if channeling the dead isn’t your loved one’s thing (or yours) we also love this set of steampunk-style tarot cards to keep the mystic mojo going. Or you could opt to be tongue-in-cheek about the occult by gifting Witch Craft, a clever book of crafting how-tos for accessories, toys and treats that share a Halloween-y feel!

Deck Your Loved Ones In Supernatural Spirit:

Fit your giftee to a “tee” by opting to buy them one (or several) of our favorite paranormal shirts. If the person on your list loves one of the three big supernatural pop phenomenons, we've got your gifts right here. Buffy fans can show off their Sunnydale High school spirit, Twi-hards can support Team Jacob with this cute top that proudly says Team Werewolf (although we think the tee works well for anyone who loves a werewolf) and of course, the True Blood fanatic will appreciate this Stackhouse for President tee that comes in a variety of colors. However, if your paranormal enthusiast would prefer a shirt that's a little less mainstream, maybe these would be a better buy: the Zombies, Robots and Aliens Venn Diagram tee illustrates the differences between the three to a non-believer, the Show Off Unicorn tee proves that nay — or should we say, neigh — sayers are really just jealous, and  this tee that features a Yeti changing the wanted posters is sure to get your giftee grinning. Finally RT’s Whitney thinks this part of the list wouldn’t be complete without Threadless' Pretty Medusa tee that has her thinking about author Thea Harrison’s supernatural stories!

However, tee shirts aren't the only paranormal clothing options on the market. You can get more creative with one (or several) of these items that channel the genre a bit more seriously. This Zombie Unicorn dress is sure to make a sunny supernatural statement. But if hot pink and lime green aren’t your loved one’s cup of tea, this ghostly dress from Etsy might be more their style. And to make this a gift to remember, pair the dress with this high-collared coat from Lip Service and these steampunk booties or skull shoes to complete the outfit.

Jewelry is another way to shine with supernatural spirit! From subtle necklaces — like this perched raven cameo, this vampire bite-inspired piece and Art Fire’s Noveau Mermaid Locket Pendant — to jewelry that makes a bolder statement, such as a steampunk watch or beetle broach, it's all available on the internet. But for the gal who really loves to be a head above the competition when it comes to dressing the most supernaturally, we love this exposed zombie brains headband, this Lupin Hat that channels the wolf within and this custom Medusa headdress. (However, if you’re unsure about how your loved one prefers to sport their genre pride, we suggest you dial it back a notch and gift one or two sets of pins, such as these True Blood and zombie-centric styles.)

When it doubt, gift cosmetics. Keep your gift selection simple with the Be Enchanted collection from Bath & Body Works. Or create your own unique makeup set with this Purple metallic lip-gloss and a few of Deborah Lippmann nail polishes (we suggest Fade to Black, Wicked Game and Bad Romance). And for something really special, we suggest you let your loved one wear the scent of magic all day long with this selkie perfume oil or this set of goth Gibson Girls perfumes

Add Paranormal Elements to Your Giftee's Home:

Right now we are craving some art to add to our abodes and inspire our daydreams. We’ve got our eyes on these three surreal photographs, a haunted gate image, a raven at sunset pic and this October burning sky piece. This image of a selkie rising out of the water also caught our eye. These wall hangings that make us feel like Alice in Wonderland. And we'd love this Zombie Hunting Permit that lets anyone who comes to visit know that we mean business! Help your loved one channel a more gothic feeling with this candelabra, lace skull and bats window valence and a skull-shaped box that could be double as a pen holder. And, we love this spider web doormat to add an air of haunted house to any happy home. But if your loved one doesn’t love the darker side of the genre, then this Steampunk Lamp and Mermaid book holder may be the perfect gifts for them!

Help Cook Up Some Magic in the Kitchen:

These fun gifts will inspire, intrigue and may even create a little mischief in your loved one’s home. (We suggest that you pair any gift in this category with a pack of "Tru Blood" from True Blood or some human blood energy potion.) The supernatural aficionado on your list will enjoy stirring up trouble with these skull spoons and then serving it up on this skull and crossbones serving tray. Or help your giftee keep track of their wines and cooking supplies with these Macbeth-inspired labels for the former and magic potion mason jar labels for the latter. (Wine bottles and mason jars not included.) Complete the kitchen gift by stocking their table with these Skull and Raven Salt and Pepper Shakers or this set of ghostly condiment bottles. Alternatively, this anatomically correct heart jell-o mold and this holy water flask are sure to have your giftee giggling in devilish delight!

Things Beyond Explanation:

No selection of paranormal goodies would be complete without a few items that simply don’t fit into our understanding of the world (or our gift list). There are these two sets of zombie greeting cards, one says, “Happy New Year, I hope you survive the coming zombie apocalypse” and the other tells that special someone, “I’ll let you have the shotgun first”. These ghoulish good wishes both amuse and disturb us, so we knew they had to go on the list. But this section is not all doom and gloom in greeting card form, we’ve also found two very important paranormal tools of the trade: custom vampire stakes and a ghost hunting meter for tracking otherworldly phenomenon. And finally, closing out our list is the gift that no paranormal fan should have to do without: Think Geek’s Dismember-Me Zombie.

Have a smart paranormal-inspired gift idea that we missed? Let us know in the comments below! You can also see which items made our Gift Guide for Erotica Fans, Gift Guide for Romance Fans, Gift Guide for Mystery Readers and our Gift Guide for Science Fiction And Fantasy Enthusiasts