Holiday Gift Guide: For The Science Fiction And Fantasy Fans On Your List

It’s that time of year again, when you’ve got to make a list and check it twice to figure out what you’re going to get your loved ones. But don’t worry; we’re here to help with gift suggestions for each type of person on your list. Today we bring you our top recommendations for the hard-to-gift-to science fiction or fantasy fan on your list ...


For the TV Enthusiast 

Although the much-anticipated DVD box set of Game of Thrones (the complete first season) won’t be out until March 6, this collection is on the top of everyone’s wishlists! Relive all the guts, glory and mystery — or let your loved one see it for the first time if they are living without cable. (We suggest gifting a card with an image of the set and something that says, "Your gift is coming soon!") If you are desperate to give the gift of George R. R. Martin in a form that can be unwrapped before the New Year, we recommend this four-book box set of A Song of Ice and Fire, the series that Game of Thrones is based on.

However, if Game of Thrones is not your giftee’s style, and they long for a show that’s now off the air, delight your loved one with this fantastic Firefly-inspired gift. A pair of replica prop pistols like the ones owned by Captain Mal are sure to thrill followers of the Whedonverse. Or for the BSG (that’s Battlestar Galactic, folks) fan on your list, this gender-neutral pendent is a discrete token of fandom that will surely win you a giant grin.

And Dr. Who addicts will be delighted to unwrap this TARDIS travel mug. For those who don’t know, RT’s Elisa explains, “The TARDIS is The Doctor’s time-traveling spaceship, which was originally designed to blend in with whatever location it time-traveled to, but this feature broke during a trip to 1960s London and is forever stuck as a Police Box. With this classy travel mug, the TARDIS can travel with you wherever you go.”

For the Star Wars Fan

This year we love all the Star Wars-inspired jewelry, particularly the necklaces. Whether you are rocking an Imperial logo, the Jedi Order insignia, the New Republic’s emblem fellow enthusiasts will flock to the guy or gal wearing this sci-fi bling. 

But if you’re looking for something more understated, we suggest a pair of Millennium Falcon cuff links for the discerning gentleman, anything from the Star Wars/ Hello Kitty mash-up site Hellowars site for a “girly” Star Wars fan (RT’s Elisa particularly digs the fantastic Dark Side tee) or these fingerless gloves for a fan of either gender!

For the Monster Maniac

Any good science fiction fan knows, not all Cthulhu are imagined equal. Some are giant, some are winged, and some have crazy talons. But we can’t get over this adorable version that holds sewing pins on your fingers! (Or for a Cthulu of a different color, we suggest this tentacle Christmas tree ornament.)

Cthulhu isn’t the only creature out there ready to take off your fingers (or more) if you get too close — for the cat-owning monster lover on your list this Godzilla-themed cat accessory will leave them laughing as they watch Mittens destroy a mini-city. And of course, for the giftee that wants to be the monster, we suggest you get them these dragon horns — perfect for a special occasion or everyday wear!

For the Comic Lover

Does your loved-one read comics faster than you can count? Then maybe you should consider getting them a super hero in a box costume. We also love these Batgirl gloves for a practical, everyday cosplay touch. Feeling extra generous? This gorgeous hand crafted replica of Thor’s hammer or this life size Hulk wall art is sure to please the Marvel fan in your life. If you’re looking for something for the indie comic lover, we suggest volumes 1 & 2 of Questionable Content or this Rice Boy hardcover edition.

For the Gamer

If you’re playing Santa for one or two gamer geeks this season, check out this cozy Mega Man fleece hat or a Super Mario Piranha Plant scarf to keep your video game fanatic warm. Is your gamer more of a Blizzard enthusiast? Then this programmable gaming mouse will sure to make their World or Warcraft and Diablo quests much easier (or, you could just make their holiday and pre-order Diablo III). And for the retro gamer, this SupaBoy SNES handheld device will have them dusting off their old cartridges.

For the Sci Fi Book Buff

Help your loved ones show their pride for science fiction stories told in book form. Go for the gold and slake their thirst for otherworldly short stories with a digital subscription to Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine.

Or supply them with one of these three rings featuring faces of famous writers or let them wear their genre-support loud and proud with a fun tee shirt that proclaims “Soylent Green is People” or more generally, “I like books with science fiction/fantasy elements”. Other low-cost but high-cool factor gifts include a fancy magnet like this one of a book-positive quotation from Ray Bradbury or a beautiful bookmark, like this one that features a cameo of Mary Shelley (who wrote Frankenstein and changed fiction as we know it). 

For the Sci Fi Romance Fan

This daily dose of sexy sci fi folkes will have you fantasizing about meeting your own adventurous co-pilot. Redbubbles has calendars of Science Fiction Men or Science Fiction Women that are full of beautiful images of the faces that are changing the genre! We’ve also fallen in love with this adorable print of two romantic robots.

For the Fantasy Aficionado

The fantasy buff in your life will appreciate a unique gift, such as these eloquent fairy wings or this hand-made Victorian leather satchel with just a hint of steampunk. For the giftee who’d stand and fight rather than take flight, we know this Lord of the Rings Orc Hair Sword and custom Elvish phrase ring will make them feel ready to take on any evil doers — and defeat them stylishly! And finally, you can’t go wrong with a fun graphic tee; we like this fun one, ideal for any daydreaming booklover. 


Have some great gift ideas of your own? Share them in the comments below. And for more genre coverage, head over to our Everything Sci Fi & Fantasy Page. You can also see which items made our Gift Guide for Erotica Fans, Gift Guide for Mystery Readers and our Gift Guide for Romance Enthusiasts, and Gift Guide For Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Lovers.