Holiday Gift Guide: For The Young Adult Fans On Your List

It’s that time of year again, when you’ve got to make a list and check it twice to figure out what you’re going to get your loved ones. But don’t worry, we’re here to help with suggestions for each type of person on your list. Today we bring you our top suggestions of what to get for the hard to gift-to Young Adult reader in your life …

Novel Ideas:

Hey, allowance only goes so far when buying books (and every booklover knows, it never goes far enough) so thrill the reader on your list by picking them up one of these snazzy gift sets! You are sure to score a smile with the Hunger Games Box Set from Suzanne Collins, but if your reader is already wise to the ways of Katniss and co., there are many other options out there. The fantasy lover is sure to enjoy the Christopher Paolini box set. This Cassandra Clare e-book collection will thrill the adventure seeking paranormal reader. But if your reader prefers a contemporary story, you’ll be a star with either this Pretty Little Liars set, this Gallagher Girls set or this Gossip Girl book bundle. Alternatively, you can keep it classic by gifting this fantastic (and shockingly inexpensive) collection of LM Montgomery works — including the Anne of Green Gables tales that made her famous!

And just like there are a variety of books, there are a variety of bookplates for every reader’s growing library. For the fantasy fan we love this epic looking Bird Queen and these vintage Jungle plates. The mystery reader will get inspired by this Magnifying Glass design that proudly pronounces who the book belongs to. Alternatively, the contemporary reader will adore this collection of preppy and fun plaid woodland animal plates. And we think that the paranormal enthusiast it could go either way, for the dark and disturbing tales, these masquerading women will inspire gothic daydreams but the reader who seeks softer supernatural stories is likely to prefer these fairies. And of course you can always opt to stay genre-neutral with these classic ex libris plates, the timeless Alice in Wonderland inspired prints or this fun personalized stamp.

For The Pop Culture Junkie:

We’ll let you in on a little secret, lots of YA fans are also pretty big make-up fans! We’ve got some cool themed make-up that will help the teen booklover in your life (even if she’s, you know, strictly-speaking not a teen anymore) look totally rad as she’s flipping those pages and attending the big-screen versions of her favorite books. Because let us not forget, 2012 is the year that is going to bring us The Hunger Games movie and the finale for the Twilight franchise! 

Don’t you think it would be great for your YA book lover to head to the theater to check out Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss in these Capitol-approved nail colors? Get these and the odds will most definitely always be in your favor, gift giver. Unfortunately, they are not in stores yet, but you can always gift a clever I-O-U, perfect for a gift topper to stocking stuffer! And to check out Bella and Edward’s last stand, the book lover in your life needs (yes, needs) this magnetic nail polish sold at Sephora. You read that right, magnetic. You apply the polish and then wave a magnet over it to get waves of color change. She’ll be the coolest kid in class … or, you know, the office.  While you’re in the makeup aisle, any young (or young at heart) lady in your life clearly, clearly must have this Miss Piggy Make Up set from Mac. All you need is some fake eyelashes, some liquid eye liner and the perfect pink shadow to get that most perfect pig’s peepers (you can pair it with this hilarious “You call that a pocket?” Muppets tee for maximum effect). 

But gifting make-up is not the only way you can make the holidays bright for a YA fan who loves pop culture. The Harry Potter enthusiast will appreciate this Ollivander Wand Shop practice wand, a Hogwarts Express ticket and from the truly crafty gifter a homemade Golden Snitch ornament. The Gleek on your list will love this Dalton Warblers Uniform long sleeve tee paired with a McKinley Football iPhone cover and this Trouty Mouth mug which references one of the show’s beloved Lady Gaga music-inspired episodes. 

Make the Past The Present With These Great Gifts:

If your life has been graced by a reader who would rather be living in a different era, never fear, we have a fantastic selection of gifts that will delight and amaze. You can help make her room an oasis of historical artifacts with this 1893 piece of art called “The Interrupted Festival” that was taken from an actual publication of the era. Or gift her a portrait of Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (better known as Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein and daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft, the famous women's rights advocate). But if your giftee’s walls are too cluttered, you can opt for this magnet of two historical children at play, which would go nicely gifted with this serving platter with a historical-looking birdcages pattern.  

She’s also sure to appreciate a gift that will spirit her away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. You can make sure she starts each day in the historical frame of mind with this set of classic-looking makeup brushes that are topped with miniature goddesses and come in a smart carrying case. If you don’t want to go all in and give her a Tudor dress, like this one in wine and black, you can still help your giftee wear her historical pride all day long in the form of these cute cameo earrings or this necklace that calls to mind the hunting lodges of yore (that’s “yesterday” for those of you who don’t speak the history lovers’ lingo). But RT’s Whitney says, if it’s true that the best things take time, there’s no better gift than this Jane Austen cuff-style bracelet, that has Mr. Darcy’s declaration of love inscribed over text from the chapter. 

There's Nothing Mysterious About Why We Love These Presents:

If you’ve got a YA mystery lover on your list, one who has aspirations of joining a league of spies (or at the very least uncovering who killed their neighbor’s beloved pooch), then treat your giftee to some of these murder, mayhem, suspense and strategy-inspired selections. You can help them get all “purloined letter” about their future plans for many acts of ninja-ness by gifting them this Stealth Attack tee from Threadless. Or help them face their fear of the shower (Thanks, Psycho) with this fantastic Killer shower curtain, which has see-through windows so that a bather can check for serial killers. Alternatively, if your loved one is worried about being forced on the run, they will need provisions — namely edible ones: like bottled water and these tactical sandwiches, which come in pepperoni and honey BBQ beef flavors, and more importantly, have a shelf life of two years, making it the perfect food for taking on the run, stocking a bunker or throwing in a backpack. And if your teen is working on recruiting minions and has a plan to become an evil mastermind, then this War Games laptop case is the perfect way to help them say, “check mate”.

Unusual Gifts For Those Who Love A Supernatural Story:

Your favorite Twi-hard will win the prize for “most devoted fan” when they slip on these custom Converse All Star shoes that have hand-painted images from the popular vampire meets girl series. And this “Blah, Blah, Vampire Emergency, Blah” pin may be meant for a True Blood fanatic, but we think it’s perfect for anyone who isn’t afraid of the things that go bump in the night. A younger reader, or a kitsch-loving older one, is sure to appreciate these Monster High Dolls, which are companions to Lisi Harrison’s Monster High series. We can’t decide which mini-monster we like best but we love the idea of topping the gift with a pair of these matching hot pink Monster High Skull Earbuds. Meanwhile, Emily the Strange fan in your life will flip for these Mimobot flash drives, and although the original is cute, the Save Yourself Drive is by far the most fun. And any fan of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series is sure to appreciate this I “Stake” Strigoi mug. And we suggest that you pair any gift above with these silly chocolate zombie heads that come complete with a red cherry center!

For Those That Prefer Realistic (And Often Romantic) Reads:

Contemporary readers are sometimes difficult to please, but we know that these clever fish tank half bookends look like they’ve been stolen from the cover of one of your reader’s favorite stories. (RT’s Morgan reminds you, if you purchase this gift you should also remember to pick up some fish food … and the fish!) However, if you’d rather give a gift that does not involve living animals, we also have some fantastic selections from you. There’s this romantic print of a young couple sitting together, which is perfect for any bedroom, dorm room or common space. Alternatively, a giftee who loves love will be enchanted by this pillow set that features a pair of long-distance loves. But if your loved one’s living space is all filled up, then maybe a tee-shirt is a better route. You can help them express their heart’s desire with Threadless’ Start A Romance tee or this Sing A Song Of Freedom shirt as a caged bird channels teen angst. And if your giftee like to get crafty in the kitchen, then inspire their passion with a set of preppy penguin salt and pepper shakers, these moustache cookie cutters and a tin of cupcake mints that all look like they were lifted off the cover of a contemporary YA tale!

Fantastical Gifts For The Whimsical Soul:

It may be challenging to shop for a loved one who sometimes seems like a changeling, left by fairies, or plucked from a different dimension. But, these gifts are sure to suit the young (or young at heart) fantasy reader in your life. For example, this tee shirt has us dreaming of a wildly different world, one where penguins do really fly by our windows in droves. Alternatively, this “caught a whale of a tale” laptop case puts everything in perspective, but reminds us that things are not always what they seem … For a nautically fantastical gift, you can pair the laptop case with this mug that has a sneaky octopus hiding inside. Meanwhile if you’d prefer to keep your gift more kitchen-y, we suggest you add an Alien Attack Salt and Pepper combo and this candy unicorn horn to your gift. But if you want to take home the gold star of gifting, wow your loved one with this giant mushroom side table, a piece that is both useful and an excellent conversation starter — not to mention the amount of envy it will surely inspire!

Presents That Defy Categorization:

There’s no doubt in our mind that every YA fan will love the following four gifts. For the perpetually sleepy, we bring you Shower Shock, it’s caffeinated body wash (something RT’s Elisa wishes was around while she was in high school and college). This adorable Threadless tee, features a giraffe with almost more books than it can carry — perfect for the reading rabbit in your life. Alternatively, you can encourage someone’s interest in publishing with Whatcha Mean, What’s a Zine: The Art of Making Zines and Mini Comics. Or you can help your loved one join the YA Saves movement with this beautiful piece of art that includes snippets of different peoples’ tweets about how Young Adult literature changed their life. 

Have a smart YA-inspired gift idea that we missed? Let us know in the comments below! You can also see which items made our Gift Guide for Erotica Fans, Gift Guide for Romance Fans, Gift Guide for Mystery Readers and our Gift Guide for Science Fiction And Fantasy Enthusiasts