A Holiday Miracle for Karen Whiddon's Latest Hero

Author Karen Whiddon treats readers to a sexy spin on the Christmas grinch with her newest series romance hero, Damien Colton. Now get an insider’s look at this man who was desperately in need of a holiday miracle.

In my December Silhouette Romantic Suspense, Colton's Christmas Baby, we have Damien Colton, a man who is trying to find his way after spending fifteen years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Not only is he understandably angry and bitter, but as his large family gathers to celebrate the holiday, he feels left out and more alone than he believes he should. On top of that, he's learned his inheritance has gone missing. He was counting on that money in order to make a new life for himself.

With all of this going on, the holiday spirit has completely passed him by. In fact, he feels like everyone in town is whispering and judging him.

Except for Eve Kelley. She's always believed in him - she even wrote him a letter while he was in prison. Though he didn't answer her, as they get to know each other, he realizes she's got some problems of her own. But her acceptance and trust of him, as well as the growing passion between them, are able to show him the real joy of Christmas. Caring about someone else, feeling love and giving love in return, change his hard heart to a more mellow, joyous one. In the end, Eve's love for him and his for her turn out to be the best Christmas gifts of all.

- Karen Whiddon

You can read Damien and Eve’s entire holiday romance in Colton’s Christmas Baby, now in stores!