Holly Black Discusses Paranormal Creatures She'll (Probably) Never Write About

Werepanthers, selkies, vampires and zombies — sometimes it seems as if there isn't a paranormal creature out there that authors haven't written about. YA fan favorite Holly Black herself has penned novels starring angels, ghouls and ghosts — and this month, she's tackling one of the most written about characters of them all — the vampire — in her awesome new release, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. With such an extensive paranormal repertoire, we had to wonder, what character would she not ever want to write about? To help celebrate the book's release, Holly shared the five creatures we will (probably) never ever see in one of her books:

It was hard for me to come up with the top five paranormal creatures that I wouldn't like to write about, because for the most part, I love them all. I've written about pixies and nixies and sprites, about hobgoblins and kelpies and ghouls, angels and werewolves and ghosts and vampires and I hope to write about even more creatures in the future.

5. Centaurs - I'm not saying I wouldn't read it, but I'm not sure I know enough about horses to write about centaurs. And I get confused picturing the ways they bend. 

4. Gods from mythology - I don't know why, I'm just not that interested. Unless it's Hades and Persephone, then I'm kind of into it. 

3. Were-things-that-are-not-wolves-and-have-no-folkloric-origin - Look, I love a shapeshifter and there are lots of stories of humans that shift into animal form, but some animals are just funny with the prefix "were" in front of them. 

2. Leprechauns - Despite enjoying folkloric stories about leprechauns and their trickster ways, I don't think that there's any way to disassociate them from cereal, rainbows, green beer and tourist traps in the minds of readers. 

1. Zombies - I have a serious aversion to zombies. I don't like that they're mindless. I don't like that they're rotting and smelly. I don't like that they take big bites out of you and that they're pretty much unstoppable. They're terrifying to me and I never, ever, ever want to write a zombie story.

- Holly Black

Which paranormal creature do you never get tired of? Sound off in the comments! You can pick up a copy of The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, available now! For more teen reads, visit our Everything Young Adult page.