Home for the Holidays with Lori Foster

Feeling the holiday love? Or the holiday stress? We're all about letting the good times roll at RT this December, so today we've got Lori Foster with us, to explain how she makes the holidays happen — while she writes her awesome romances. Teach us, Lori!

Readers have asked me how I fit the holidays in with my writing schedule. Fortunately, writing is the perfect calming balance to the chaotic holiday fun.

You’d have to know how much I love this time of year to understand the lengths I’ll go to celebrate my blessings. Each year there’s a local BN signing called “Romancing the Holidays,” where I visit with author and reader friends. I see many of them again as I host my annual friends gathering Toni Blake, Jules Bennett, and many others. It’s a fun time! (And we don’t even talk about books... much.)


Party at Lori's house!

All year, my husband saves up change and then my 8-year-old grandson and I go shopping for Toys for Tots. He helps decorate my tree and it’s his job to set out the Nativity Scene on the buffet.

Lori with her oldest grandson, and lots of Toys for Tots!

We always host Christmas Eve at our house and I love to have a gift for everyone. That means more than 60 gifts just for extended family.  

There are also gifts for my three sons and their significant others, and my three grandsons, and the people I’ve claimed as family even if they aren’t related.

This year I had a kids’ Christmas party for my grandsons and others. One of the games was to decorate an adult as a Christmas tree. 

Lori's youngest son and daughter-in-law as trees!

I found a program called “Capture the Magic” that allows me to drop different Santa poses into photos. Seeing the kids’ faces when they realized Santa “was behind them the whole time” was priceless!

I also like to decorate the outside of the house, our pond and gazebo. This year, with a deadline looming and hubby with a torn hamstring, I hired out that work. Steiner’s Lawn and Landscape did a fantastic job — and I had more time to write!


I always listen to loud music while I write. Usually it’s rock (KORN and Kid Rock) but this month it’s Christmas music. My favorite new addition? Pentatonix’s version of “Little Drummer Boy.”

Almost every day of December I give away books or T-shirts on my Facebook page, in addition to my “12 Days of Christmas” giveaway where readers are randomly chosen to get a surprise wrapped gift, a book, a T-shirt and more.

In the middle of all the wonderful holiday chaos, I write. Right now I’m working on a book for Cannon (a character from Getting Rowdy) and he’s so fun and sexy, he makes it easy.

For me, the holidays are about sharing and caring — but I always make time for the career I love.

However you immerse yourself in the holiday spirit, I wish you much joy! Happy reading to all, and to all a good night!

Happy holidays to you, Lori! (Please invite us to Christmas Eve next year. :)) For more romantic holiday stories, visit our Everything Romance page!