Hot Historical Romances With Paranormal Twists

Last week we announced that February’s RT Seal of Excellence Award went to debut author Kristen Callihan’s Firelight, a genre-bending paranormal historical. However, this is not the only recent release that blends elements of the supernatural into a story set in the past. There are three other novels published in 2012 that fall into this category which all received RT Top Picks!


Warrior's Redemption

by Melissa Mayhue

Supernatural Element: Time Travel

The Story At A Glance: Laird Malcolm MacDowylt is haunted by the deaths caused by his magical half-brother’s rampage that resulted in their sister’s captivity and the death Malcolm’s wife. However, when the powers bring Malcolm’s wife back to him, she’s a young woman from the future, a Texan named Dani. Can this couple re-kindle their love and will having his wife back help Malcolm realize that he is not to blame for his brother’s actions?




The Lord of Illusion

by Kathryne Kennedy

Supernatural Element: Elves

The Story At A Glance: Book three in the popular Elven Lords series finds half-elven Lord Drystan Hawkes desperate to open a portal that will destroy the Elven’s connection to 1700s England. He follows his visions to Camille, an Elven slave, who is the key to opening the portal. But cutting off the connection between the Elven world and England puts these two lovers on the opposite side of an uncrossable divide. Will they be able to find a space for their love or will their newfound feelings be another casualty of the Elven Lords’ control?



Darkest Highlander

by Donna Grant

Supernatural Element: Druid Magic

The Story At A Glance: When Druid healer Sonya thinks she’s lost her powers, she flees MacLeod castle. Warrior Bronc follows her to ensure her safety, but he falls into the clutches of the evil Deirdre. Sonya returns to rescue Bronc but the plan ends with the couple trapped in an ancient tomb. However, there is an artifact hidden within, one that might bring everything back to normal or mean the end of world if it falls into the wrong hands, such as Dierdre’s.




And if you’ve already breezed through three tales, here are three more recent paranormal romances to enjoy ...

King of the Isles

by Debbie Mazzuca

Supernatural Element: Fae Magic

The Story At A Glance: In this RT Top Pick! Lachlan MacLeod is the King of Enchanted Isle and ruler of the Fae, despite the fact that he is only half-fae himself and has no magical powers. When his mentor, the Enchanted Isle’s wizard, is captured Lachlan mounts a rescue and reluctantly agrees to include Evangeline, a woman who has magical abilities. When their mission leads them before the High King of the Seelie Council, Lachlan and Evangeline are forced to wed. But it won’t be long that they discover a true connection beneath their initial animosity!



Devil’s Kiss

by Zoe Archer

Supernatural Element: The Devil

The Story At A Glance: Romany cardsharp Zora Grey is unable to keep English Lord James Shelborn and his friends from trading their souls to the Devil in order to achieve their hearts’ desires. However, with her help James might be able to reclaim his soul and his chance for a Happily Ever After with the woman he loves.






Heir of Danger

by Alix Rickloff

Supernatural Element: The Fey

The Story At A Glance: Hero Brendan Douglas must locate a precious stone he left with his ex-finance Elizabeth. The stone will act as a key to keep the evil mage Maelodor from destroying the world of men and Fey. Brendan is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the world safe, and if that happens to mean abducting Elizabeth on the eve of her wedding and winning back her love while they save the world together, well then, it’s all in the name of duty ...



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